Monday, November 29, 2010

Demon Hunts by C.E Murphy (Review)

I count this series as one of my favorites…for numerous reasons but one of the highest was Coyote and of course the men. I have to be one of the only people who does not want Joanne with Captain Morrison. I like “Thor”. I like him…I really like him.

Alas, I have to admit though I loved this book it is not as good as the others in the series. It took me an insane amount of time to get into it and eventually it came down to me having to convince myself to read it. Don’t get me wrong once I did the convincing I’d enjoy reading but there was no excitement about it. I am not even sure why. The story was solid as where the characters but it seems to me that Joanne is not “growing” mentally. She is growing in her power and ability but she is staying the same “personality-wise” I can’t explain it. While I loved her at the beginning of the series her lack of growth is making her a bit unlikable. Does that make this book bad? Not at all, C.E Murphy has a talent of never writing a bad book. It’s not even disappointing I just expect a lot more from a protag at this point in the series. Coyote mentions her “growing up” I was asking myself where, when? I didn’t see it. I love you Coyote but nah babe, you are wrong.

But on to the story itself, I always get spooked reading these books. I am a chicken and the zombies, and evil always give me the chills now a serial killer that um eats people…eeks! I LOVE IT! I am biased towards the ending because I really can’t stand Morrison, I just don’t like him.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Iron Daughter-Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa (review)

Okay, I will admit it I am a person who talks, screams and curses at characters while I read and thanks to twitter I now also tweet what I think as well. It makes reading fun for me, when the book causes me to do this rather I am calling them idiots or cheering them on. The Iron Fey series does a little of both. Meghan got the most rants. I just find her on the too stupid to live side at times.

But that just tells you how good the series and the book are because it is one of the series I can’t live without.

In this installment Ash is a jerk. Even more so and Meghan runs after him like a weak little puppy. I just don’t get why YA series do this. Why have the heroine chase after a guy who treats them like crap…for whatever reason. I hate that, more than anything because I hate weak females and these books breed them. Ugh. Meghan is weak weak weak, but the story is good good good in spite of it.

I can’t say too much about the high point of the book because it is so spoiler-y…but yeah Puck is the awesome and I can’t say that I am Team Puck because I wouldn’t wish Meghan on anyone no matter how badly he thinks he wants her. Ash and Meghan deserve each other…both annoying and dumb but Puck, Puck is a classic character.

I hate Ash for reasons, not just oh my gawd I hate him so much. The reason, I hate more than life when a guy decides that he is going to stay away, push away and blah blah blah away from a girl because he loves her so much he wants to protect her. Screw that and screw you dude! That is her choice. Who do you think you are that you can make a decision for a woman and who are you to think SHE can’t protect herself?!

I know this sounds a bit I am woman, hear me roar but….*sigh* fine RAAAAWR!

I am a Iron Fey fan and I will say this story lacked Machina and I needs my Machina! But what it lacked in Machina it made up for in surprise bombshells, Meghan’s family history and the members being one. I hope that isn’t too much a spoiler.

I enjoyed reading this book because I was yelling and tweeting away and the book really pulls you in and involved and you feel invested.

Thank you NetGalley for the eGalley,

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey (review)

I am a huge fan of retellings and of Mercedes Lackey. Lackey’s style makes the tales that we have heard thousand times over unique and a page turner. Sleeping Beauty was no different. I love the way Lackey sets a scene and I could actually picture the world. I love the traditions and how it drives the story in the most unexpected ways. The fact that you know that the tradition will happen is a given but the “how” will it affect the characters is the surprise.

Rosamund, is the king’s daughter and I liked her straight away. I have to admit sleeping beauty is my least favorite fairytale but this version has completely changed my mind all due to Rosamund.

Though at times the story is a bit predictable, but it’s like that with a lot of retellings; Sleeping Beauty is worth the read because the ending is perfect!

eGalley provided by NetGalley Thank you!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[Repost from 7/1/2010]: Manifest by Artist Arthur (Review)

It is very rare to find a good African American novel with paranormal elements so Manifest was a breath of fresh air. I found once you start reading it is really hard to stop. You find yourself missing meals and time just flies by without you noticing or looking up until the last page when you let out a satisfied sigh and close the book.

Even though Krystal was hard to like at first it didn't take away from falling into the story and the rest of the characters are so well formed that you forget that this is fictional. The paranormal elements are a major part of the plot but somehow it doesn't overwhelm and over power the telling of it. The twist and turns kept me always guessing. Just when I thought I had it figured out...Bam! Something else came up and I had to rethink it.

I recommend this book if you have a few hours to devote to it because once you start you truly will not want to stop.

Catholic Kittie

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So this is what a rut looks like?

So I am trying to see how long I have to go without blogging until I am no longer a blogger!  I kid, what you see here ladies and gentlemen, is a rut in full swing.  I can barely finish a book much less sit and write a review. 

And I have read some great books that are deserving of a review.  Sadly, I have not written them.  I do apologize and hope to remedy this rut as soon as I get settled into my new fulltime job schedule.

Thank you for your patience...I will post the awesome books I recently bought soon, because apparently being in a rut has not curbed my book buying addiction.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Warrior by Zoe Archer (Review)

I can't say enough about this book. If you are looking for a book that you just can't put down than this is it! Huntley (Lustley as I refer to him) is straight up sexy, there is no getting around this fact and he is so man-ish so you would think Zoe Archer would give him a heroine so damned stupid you wonder how she manages to breathe on her own but you'd be wrong. Thalia was smart, confident and not too kick ass that you think her hero should do a ball check on her.

The one thing I liked most is...they actually spoke to each other! A lot of Romances downplay the communication it’s just sex sex gimme the sex all the time and the couple barely have a decent conversation which is okay but don't try and pass that relationship as ‘til death do them part because it's not. Once the Hero hears heroine speak beyond the “oh baby give it to me harder” he will be out the door or once Heroine gets tired of his possessive bullshit she will have to call 911 on his stalker ass!

Thalia and Huntley fall genuinely in love and they also have that great communication and chemistry which translate to amaze-ball sexxoring! They are made for each other and it translates onto the pages. One part of the book I had to put my e-reader down, fan myself, wipe my sweaty brow only to yank my e-reader back up and keep reading...I was at work, I didn't care and I think I might have growled at a customer who dared interrupt me while giving them the death glare. If that was you, I am so sorry please allow me to buy you a copy of Warrior so you can understand where I was coming from.

This will be the best book you read all year until you read Scoundrel next month, October 5th to be exact!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BBAW: Interview Swap with Misha from: My Love Affair w/Books!


It’s my favorite time of year, Book Blogger Appreciation Week! I love everything about this week but my favorite thing is the interviews. I look forward to it all year. I think it’s because my journalism background coupled with my love of chatting with other book lovers.

This year I was partnered up with Misha from My Love Affair with Books. I had a great time getting to know her and hearing her answers. Heeeeeeeere’s MISHA!

Casse: I start off every interview the same way: first and foremost, why do you love books?

Misha: Being an introvert and very anti-social all my life, books have been my constant companion. Every book tells a different story. I love immersing myself into that story and escape from the "real world" now and then. The best part is that at times you can learn so much from books.

Casse: Why do you book blog?

Because I can talk about books nonstop. I love giving my opinion about books, sharing my thoughts and recommending books. My blog is my platform to give my views on the books I read.

Casse: When do you book blog? Do you set aside a certain time of day?

Mostly early morning before going to college and late at night after I am done with assignments and other work.

Casse: What was the first book you totally fell for?

The first book I fell in love with was a long time ago haha. It was one of the books in the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. I fell in love with Enid Blyton after that and devoured every one of her books in 1 year! That must have been when I was around 9-10.

Casse: Are you a genre snob or do you adventure outside your box (literary fiction, YA and historical fiction) often?

I was a genre snob till a year ago. I would not read anything other than literary fiction! As I started visiting book blogs, I discovered some interesting books in other genres as well. Now I also read YA and historical fiction.

Casse: If you could meet one author, who would you meet and why?

Margaret Atwood . I believe this woman is a genius. Every one of her novels are truly brilliant and original. I would love to meet her and try to figure out how her brain works lol

Casse: How do you determine which book from your TBR pile you’ll read and in what order?

I just pick up the ones which I am most excited about reading first and then I go down the pile.Nowdays I try to read more of YA novels since I totally missed out on reading them as a teenager.

Casse: Okay what do you find the hardest, starting a new book or reading the last page of an amazing book? Why?

Reading the last page of an amazing book. If a novel is truly great, I hate it when it ends. I just wish that more pages would somehow magically appear.......

Casse: If you could pick one book and swap places with the heroine, which book would you pick and why?

I would love to swap places with Elizabeth Bennett. I mean who wouldn't?! I have been in love with Mr Darcy since I was 12 years old which was the first time I read Pride and Prejudice. Also, it would be fascinating to live in that time period.

Casse: What is your favorite song?

Very difficult question. There are so many! If I had to choose one it would be "Our Farewell " by Within Temptation.

Casse: Favorite food to snack on while reading?

Apples ! lol. I love fruits. And a cup of coffee maybe...

Casse: Bookmarks or turn the page down to keep you place in a book?

Bookmarks! I hate turning down the pages and it physically hurts me to see anyone fold the page.

Casse: What is the best part of Book Blogging?

Interacting with authors I only dreamt of talking to and with other book lovers .

Casse: What advice would you offer new Book bloggers?

Being a relatively new blogger myself, all I can say is don't get intimidated. There are so many many blogs out there that you might feel lost , confused and even nervous at first. Just don't give up. It takes some time before you get followers or before people start visiting your blog. Have patience!

Casse: ARCs: receiving free, for them or against them?

I am not exactly against them . But it makes me very uncomfortable and guilty receiving them.

Casse: How do you feel about contest? Is it just to get more followers or a good way to show appreciation of your followers?

Both I think. I don't think there is anything wrong in trying to get more followers. After all , if there are no followers , who will read your blog. More importantly, for me, contests are a great way to show appreciation of your followers.

I really had a great time with this interview.  Now head over to Misha's blog and look around.  Thank you Misha for answering my questions.

Keep reading,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater (Review)

Poetic, haunting and heartbreaking. If you loved Shiver than Linger is going to rock your world. There are more characters to fall in love with and more characters to break your heart.

Maggie Stiefvater has truly out done herself. This ranks as one of the best books of the year.

This book has one thing that Shiver didn't have that just makes this book excellent. Cole St Clair, He is all things that make YA hotties hot. He is dark, moody, funny, wounded and damn (I repeat) HOLY DAMN SECK-SEA! He totally brings yummy to Linger.

This installation is more heartbreaking than Shiver but the love story is still there so pure and bitter sweet it makes you swoon.

I will also give you some advice: even if you are not into audio THIS audio book for 3 reasons. 1.) Cole sounds as smooth and seductive as honey 2.) Sam sings and 3.) COLE! He sounds like sex for your headphones! He is just pure lusty sex. Oh yes.


Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl (Review)

For excerpt click on the picture!

Victoria Dahl is a true Contemporary Romance genius. Her Hero’s are lust worthy and sweet while her Heroines are hilariously realistic and likeable and in this novel there are double the heroes and double the heroines so it’s double the Hottness!
Crazy for Love is the story of Max and Chloe. Max is a control freak who worries about everything and everyone her meets and Chloe is the latest tabloid fodder who is portrayed in the media as a raving bridezilla from hell when her would be husband fakes his death to not marry her. Max and Chloe are a match made in hilarious sexiness. These two are so dang hott you will wish they would get to it already…or was that just me? For me they could have dropped pants on the first page and it wouldn’t be soon enough; that is how hott they were!
Chloe’s best friend is the beautiful yet shy and socially awkward Jenn who’s idea it is to take Chloe on a much needed vacation as an escape from the paparazzi. Jenn just wants Chloe to have a good time, to unwind and have a little wild sex maybe too but Jenn also might find a little of those things in store for her with Max’s little brother, Elliot the workaholic hottie. They both don’t think they have much to offer anyone else but damn Elliot is super sexy scientist and damn if that ain’t hott!
You might think that the characters would be a repeat of Dahl’s previous contemporaries but you will be pleasantly surprised that these characters are fresh and new…almost shiny even. If you are a fan of Dahl’s you feel a new justification for it and if you aren’t one yet after this book you will be.

Ebook provided by Publisher

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Butterface by Gwen Hayes (mini review)

Once you read this book, you will have discovered your new favorite author!
There isn't much I can say about this book, it re-enforces my belief that some authors shouldn't write short stories!  They write stories that are too good to end so soon and gives me a sad when they end.  To read it is to love it.  I was hooked as soon as I read the synopsis. You think you are going to despise Lucas O'Leary but he really is made of awesome. I also found Beth very easy to relate too. The love story unfolds nicely with a friendship so honest and endearing that again, you wish it wasn't a short story. But the ending is truly the best part; Gwen Hayes has this amazing habit of wrapping up her stories with realistic and touching endings that make you swoon with how perfect and romantic they are.

Keep reading,
Catholic Kittie

So Over You by Gwen Hayes (mini review)

I am so NOT over this book!

I love snarky heroines and heros, smart characters, memorable secondary ones and hot guys. A lot of short romances are superficial but So Over You has layer beneath layer of depth that you will keep reading late into the night just so you can reach the sweet end. And sweet it is. It is amazing and perfect and will leave you breathless and clutching at your bosom squealing "Ohmaaaagaaawd" that would do a southern bell proud. Like with all Gwen Hayes books, I bet you can't read just one!

Keep reading,
Catholic Kittie

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blogiversary interview with my favorite author, Shannon Delany!

For my celebration of my blogiversary I am doing my very first author interview. I am so excited because its with Shannon Delany. Yes, THE Shannon Delany. I also consider her a friend and idol in writing which makes her the perfect person I want to interview. By that I mean I stalk- erm follow her on twitter, her blogs amd pretty much anywhere (online even I draw a line somewhere) she appears...Tah-dah I am right there too. Okay sounds creepy but 1.) Maybe it is lol and 2.) She totally loves me so she likes it. I totally crack myself up.  But enough with MY silliness on to the interview.

When did you write your very first story and why?

Shannon:  The first story I remember writing was in 4th grade as part of an assignment. My teacher believed all f us should try writing a book at some point so she had us write a story then she would type it up, we would illustrate it and then we "bound" it using cardboard and scraps of wallpaper the local hardware store donated. I remember even then being amazed at how it felt to hold my words instead of just say them.

What was the story about?

Shannon:  I don't remember what the first one was about. The only one I do remember was the one I wrote about how I found one of our kittens run over on the street in front of my house. I guess I've always used writing to cope with things. [Awwe so sad, :'( that has to suck!]

Did you ever have that writer's aha moment and think "hey I want to do this writing for real" or was it just naturally the next step?

Shannon:  I always sort of messed around with it. It wasn't until I got serious interest from publishers that I thought, Hey, this is crazy enough it might just work! see, if you're too serious and get rejected, it hurts. But if you tell yourself often enough that you're just messing around, rejections not tough to deal with--I think I had a safety default setting on my attitude before last year.

Do you ever get terrified when thinking about your book being out there for the world to read?

Shannon:  Holy. Heck. Yes.

So I know 13 to Life is a 3 book series (duh I mean trilogy) is it possible *fingers crossed* that there can be more books a la Rachel Caine's YA series going from 6 bk series plus stand alone segments of a series for as long as it works?

Shannon:  Eh, anything's possible. I have plots for at least a few other books in the series, but I also have totally different stories I'd like to pursue. Unfortunately there's only so much time in each day, so, perhaps at some point I'll need to make an interesting choice on what gets pursued and what sits obediently by.

Totally not book related...I know that you have done Hand Cut Paper Art and very well, do you still do this and do you even have the time with all your book stuff?

Shannon:  I haven't had time to pick up a blade since late 2008, I think (which was when my pirate designs were used in a film created by UWSP students). I've developed a mild Lotte Reiniger obsession. I would love to get back into creating scherenschnitte and messenschnitte--it totally transforms the way you perceive things and simplifies things into an iconic existence in some ways--I actually have several children's books in mind I'd love to illustrate with my cuttings. And to animate them... Muahaha! A friend wants me to design wolfy bookmarks to mass-cut for fans...I just need time, you know?

I have noticed that your Art and writing have a lot of Mythos- legends and history so when you research does it start out as a for fun thing and later find its way into your work or do you set out for certain things and just find it fun as a coincidence?

Shannon:  The more intense art pieces I've done did require a lot of thought and planning because of the techniques I'm using. With papercraft and scratchboard you can't really fix mistakes so you have to plan. Same with the writing, it's in there, but whereas the art must be ploted in advance mainly, the story tends to grow much more organically and the mythos works its way in there (sometimes surprising me).

Have you considered doing an entire scene from your book out of hand cut art? That would be so awesome.

Shannon:  I'd love to have time to do that, Casse--but I'd also love to do an animated booktrailer for the next novels using silhouettes like Reiniger did--it would give a truly unique feel.

One last question what do teen werewolves eat when they are vegging out?

Shannon:  LOL! Well, Max eats anything and everything so he wouldn't be picky. Pietr woud probably veg out with eggplant and summer squash since it can be grilled (and eggplant can be made into a parmesan) and sort of "fake" meatiness. ;-) 

Thanks for your time Shannon!
Does anyone else remember that movie Teen Wolf with Michael J Fox or am I showing my age? lol
Huge thanks to Shannon Delany for the interview. I know she is very busy working on more awesome books for us to read. If you haven’t bought 13 to Life yet, well what is wrong with you?! lol Kidding but seriously you are missing out. Also book 2, Secrets and Shadows comes out February 2011. It seems so far away…

Monday, June 28, 2010

Winner Winner WOLFIE Dinner!

I hate contest. Well, I love them because I love to share awesome books with yall but I have a hard time picking just ONE winner. I even contemplated getting more copies of 13 to Life so we all can have one but alas…I was told a resounding NO. The best I can do is…have another contest on July 18 which is the day I am having Shannon Delany here for an interview and those who entered this contest will carry over to that one so yall have a leg up on entries.  (Get it? Wolves leg up-- ah forget it lol)

That contest will not only have a copy of 13 to Life by Shannon Delany (wolves) up for grabs but Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready (Ghost), Glass House by Rachel Caine (Vampires) My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent (Banshees) and what’s left? Oh my favorite…ANGELS I have the entire Kissed by an Angel trilogy by Elizabeth Chandler.

Are yall excited yet? I am! See ya back here on July 18th to see if I have added anymore books to the contest…I probably am.  And my non YA readers come back for a LUNA books contest July 5th where I am giving away my tifecta authors, 1st in the series: Urban Shaman by C.E Murphy, Cast in Secret by Michelle Sagara, Eyes of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready and as a bonus... if I can find a original cover copy- Divine by Mistake by PC Cast.

  Thanks for entering this contest!

The winner is….


Runner up is


Surpriiiise 2 winners. Both get a copy of 13 to life and Okapi gets a surprise book.  I will email you ladies sometime today. Congrats!

And since I am not a complete meanie…If you didn’t win and still would like a Jeri Smith Ready swag pack email me and I can send one out to you…Which includes a signed Shade bookmark and 3 of her WVMP book cards for WVMP radio series


Saturday, June 26, 2010

When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton is Empty by Jackie M Johnson (Review)

JACKIE M. JOHNSON (Trinity International University) is an author and freelance writer. Her first book, Power Prayers for Women has sold nearly 100,000 copies. She has also written articles, poetry, and hundreds of devotionals for Focus on the Family’s Renewing the Heart website, and was a contributor to A Cup of Comfort, co-authored by James Stuart Bell and Carol McLean Wilde. A native of Milwaukee, Jackie lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Visit her encouragement blog, A New Day Café, at or her website,

Losing a hope-filled dating relationship is a stressful and painful event. And when it seems to occur again, again, and again, is Ben & Jerry the only refuge for a Christian single?

As one who has walked this road before, author Jackie Johnson says an emphatic "no!"

While most books for singles tell readers how to get the next guy, When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton is Empty encourages a healthy healing process. Practical and biblically based, each chapter guides the reader through a metaphorical day of restoration. Twilight recognizes and deals with endings, night validates and grieves the loss, dawn awakens hope, and day is the new beginning based on the solid assurance of Christ.

Chapters conclude with discussions questions for individual or group study, helpful Bible verses, and a prayer.

I am a bit cynical when it comes to romance and self help books. I hate books that claim to have all the answers and honestly I thought this book would be like that as well, but I was wrong. This book was a breath of fresh air.

I did read this book with ice cream though because it’s how I read all self help books. But Jackie Johnson seems to really have lived it which I think helps give the book that voice of “look I am not saying this is the only way but here, if it helps you then take my advice into consideration.” I also love that it’s biblical and I will recommend it to the people at my singles group at church proudly.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Book B-day to Shannon Delany- 13 to Life

Yesterday June 22nd was the day I have been waiting for.  if you ask me why you haven't been paying attention to me much so I will tell you again, 13 to Life (a werewolf tale) I know that was dropped from the title *shrugs* I still love it, was released. Yay! In celebration I will post some of the links Shannon shared on twitter.
Seven questions with Shannon Delany
Original 13 to Life prequel (MacMillan)
13 to Life Blog
Not so spring-break prequel

I was lucky enough to pre-order and next day deliver it and it shipped early so I got it today AND Shannon's awesome publisher St Martin's Griffin sent me a complete copy to review just BEFORE a 20 hr road trip. *cackles* The universe (sometimes) loves me so since I have 2 copies...I will return the love to the universe and give one copy away.

I was going to wait until July when I will have Shannon on my blog for an interview during my MONTH long blogiversary celebration but, we have waited long enough also I don't mind getting another copy for that. 

+1 So here is what you do to enter:
1. Follow Shannon on twitter @Shannon_Delany
2. Follow this blog
3. Answer these questions.
                   A:) What animated movie does Shannon quote in one of her interviews?
                   B:) What hair colors does Jess say her hair isn't, in one of the prequels?
                   C:) What website did Shannon first start 13 to Life on?
                   D:) Besides poetry what else does Jess admit may not be her forte as well?
That is it and if you go to the Shannon Delany/13 to Life related posts I posted the answers are easy to find. I am such a nice blogger I even posted the sites in order of the questions...aren't I just super sweet! And even though the book won't be signed like I planned maybe you can convince Shannon Delany to send you a bookplate? If you are really good I mean. Here is a picture of the book & swag you are trying to win!

Okay what you see here, besides my coffee and fruit obsession is:
13 to Life
Morganville Vampire TPU brochure and Rachel Caine card
Signed Shade (another awesome book) bookmark and 3 other Jeri Smith-Ready adult WVMP series cards
And since all authors will tell you how important music is to their writing a special 2 pk cd set from a friend of mine.

Email me LitterBoxBlog and let me know your answers to the questions and if you win I will ask for your information to verify that you did all that was required.  After you email me your answers, add your points and leave them in the comments, please. Contest ends Friday June 25th  Good Luck!

For TWO extra entries:
+1 Follow me on twitter @CatholicKittie
+1 Follow my writer blog From Here to There...A Writer's Journey

Good Luck!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (Review)

What kind of YA book is this? That is what I found my inner snark saying when Sam entered the picture. He was never mean to Grace, never cruel never withheld his emotions or self…what the hell? This is not the YA I know and love-hate! What message will it leave young ladies with? That they deserve to be treated with respect? NO NO NO! Unhealthy stalking yes, that is good but they admit to each other it is an obsession. Maggie Maggie Maggie. NO you aren’t doing it riiight.

All that to say, I love Sam and Grace’s relationship. I love how the connection is shown. The way they fall in love. I love the emotion in this book. It made me feel smarter, when I read this book. I have read Rilke poetry and a lot of it. I have read it to a guy I was seeing as he fell asleep at night—. *face palm* wait, did I REALLLY just admit that out loud? Sheesh. Anyway embarrassing moment erased. Yeah I read a lot of poetry. Some of it complicated and complex but most of it emotional and beautiful and Shiver reads like one smart, beautiful and lyrical poem. It is brilliant! THIS, this right here is a prime example of why I love YA and why I don’t ever give up on it!

I found myself hating grace's dad. At one of the most painful parts in the book he probably assumes its some silly girl thing and it pisses me off how clueless they are! They have no idea what is really going and they don’t even care to want to find out. I love this theme in YA because…most teens feel like the parents are the enemy or the villain or the completely wrong all the time so of course they love to read books where the parents really are jerks.

Shiver took my breath away.

Dead Girl's Dance by Rachel Caine (Review)

DAMN I love this series! Claire is pretty awesome and Shane is fracking HOTT! I know you all like Mr. Glass but me not so much. He is okay but he annoys me sometimes as well as Eve.

This book was better than the first and I am shocked by that because Glass house knocked me on my ass it was so good.

Once again the pace is swift and flawless to the point where you can't stop. Shane's jerk of a father adds to the danger of Morganville Vamps and My Boo finds himself in real danger. And the plots were a lot more serious, darker and involved with dances, vampire hierarchy, family secrets I can only see these books getting better and better.

Claire still makes mistakes but different ones so since she is teen it’s ok. But at the end Claire goes all sex kitt-eh and says, "Wanna play baseball?" It is completely unexpected from Claire and hott. I love it! Poor guy didn't know what hit him.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CRESCENDO by Becca Fitzpatrick Excerpts

  Okay so Fallen Archangel, which is the official Hush, Hush fansite along with Becca Fitzpatrick herself revealed awesome news!  CRESCENDO the sequel to Hush, Hush now has an earlier release date but sadly it is still this fall and not this summer.

  They also posted the Prologue and 1st Chapter of the new book if you would like to check it out head over there. (  I cannot wait.  Patch is so YA yummy!

That is all for now, just had to share that news.  I was excited.  Oh wait Fallen Archangel is also giving away an Arc of CRESCENDO in their ultimate fan contest and although I am not a fan of ARCs I may enter anyways because I like I said I am excited.  Also do you think this cover is as Epic as the Hush, Hush cover?  My opinion is no but I still like it; Hush, Hush cover just took my breath away!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Glass House by Rachel Caine (Review)

For and excerpt click on the picture

I am a little disappointed in my friends. Why you ask? Oh I will tell you why...BECAUSE NOBODY TOLD ME HOW AWESOME THE Morganville Vampire Series IS! That is a crime against me. Seriously? No one even thought to mention it in passing?

The characters are awesome, the story is awesomer and the writing is so well paced that it is awesomest! I love how the vamps aren't some whimsical creatures everybody lust over. They are realistic and scare the humans shitless!

Now, I know some of you are all about Michael Glass and hey I don't blame you. But don't over look Shane. I am all about Shane.

Claire is an okay girl but I fear though she is ok now with the mistakes she makes; she may grow up into a TSTL character so I hope she has some growth because yes teens mess up but they also eventually learn from those mistakes. So the mistakes from Glass House I hope aren't repeated in Dead Girls' Dance.

Eve I haven't really figured out yet but I do like her. She is a sweet kid which she tries to disguise beneath her Goth...Actually every Goth kid I have met usually ARE the sweetest kids. I am glad Rachel Caine has picked up on that Kudos.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked out this book but I was pleasantly surprised. The ending was pure torture and I loved it so much I laughed while saying, "Oh Rachel Caine, you..." fill in the blank.

I finished this book the night before she spoke at a luncheon I attended so I wasn't surprised at her sense of humor and ballsy-ness. Anyone willing to end a book for teens like that HAS to have humor and BALLS!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent (Review)

My Soul to Keep dug a little deeper than the previous in this series and it was completely heartbreaking and emotional which made it the best so far!

Rachel Vincent really turned the characters inside out so we learned a lot more about them and they jumped off the pages and became real to me this time around. Where the other books in the series were good, My Soul to Keep went beyond just good it was haunting. MSTKeep had me on the edge of my seat, I believe my heart literally broke a few times as I whimpered, "Nooo, why are you doing this?" I am sure I got a few odd lucks but I never looked up from the pages to see.

Kaylee is plunging deeper into her new world and new abilities and she is growing as a woman and a Bean Sidhe. Nash pulls out a lot of surprises and I think this time around he is more imperfect than he was portrayed in the other books. Tod was wonderful, delightfully charming as always and but he also shows us a lot more.

This is all around a darker story but one that us readers can relate to somewhat and Vincent expands Kaylee, Nash and Tod more and what we know about them. Relationships evolve into completely new things. The ending truly will have you closing the book with a heavy sigh and googling when the next book will be released,

My Soul to Keep was excellent!
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E-Galley provided by

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reading slump

  I am in bit of a reading slump and I don't know why because I have some pretty prime books in my TBR pile.  I am also am currently in the middle of not one but TWO books that are officially apart of the AWESOME NATION!  Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl...people look at me strange when the hear that odd book combo of mine but all I can say is my book taste is Almond Joy and Mounds-Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't!  Okay I found that funny but I have to remember to be YA friendly Sowwwey!  Here are some books I have scored score I mean blew a couple of my paychecks on. Teehee.

Elegy For April by Benjamin Black
Wish her safe at home by Stephen Benatar
The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn
The Struggle L.J Smith
Dead until Dark Charlaine Harris

To Catch a Rogue by Amanda McCabe
Cat's Claw by Amber Benson
Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson
Rule's Bride by Kat Martin
Burned by Cast (2) squared
Swoon by Nina Malkin
Shade by Jeri Smith Ready

I love my books, what did yall get recently?  Keep reading,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Updated Review)

Beautiful Creature Original Review

Okay I can admit when I was wrong and I was wrong. This book is better than I thought. How do I know? Because it has been months since finishing and I am still thinking about it. It is a good story even with it's mammoth size...I now wish it was longer and still I wish there was more Macon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book Blogger Hop: April 23-29, 2010

                              I visited Crazy for Books
                                           Emily's Reading Room
                                           Fragments of Life
                                           love to read for fun

                          I will be adding more through out the weekend

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain (Review)

Have you ever read a book that was incredibly awesome yet you can't review it because words will never be enough only high pitched squeals are? For me that book is The Dark Divine by Bree Despain. Daniel *sigh* he is bad boy heaven for me. I love them dark and brooding. He was nice and swoon worthy. I'd say on the yummy scale he was tippy top top!

I liked Grace off and on. Let me explain. When she was making Daniel happy I loved her, when she wasn't-I HATED HER FREAKING GUTS! All in all the characters were very well rounded. I liked most of them actually no I didn't, I liked Grace's younger siblings and dad but Jude who is her older brother, her mom and her best friend April I hates them, a lots. Not that they gave me reason I just really did. Don I heartz him. He was just a touch of sweetness and innocence.

Bree Despain also told a story that unfolded very nicely. It was very well timed. Everything came out at its right time but she dropped hints of the outcome from the very beginning.

YA romance magic? TDD has it. Page 199 had be lightheaded and screaming, "THAT IS SO FREAKING HOT, sweet, romantic!" I actually contemplated rushing into the nearest forest and demanding that the first wolf turn into a man and cuddle me in his freaking arms. Then I realized that it would sooner bite me than love me also how painful and embarrassing it would be to explain what exactly I was trying to do. So I decided to pass on that idea. I suppose I will be back in Daniel’s arms when The Lost Saint is released. The best things in life are worth waiting for; besides there are plenty of book boys to fall for in the mean time, right. But Daniel will always be special to me.

Keep reading,
Wolf lovin-Casse!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saving Rachel by John Locke

I just finished Saving Rachel.  I know what yall are thinking, "Casse, what no smut this time?"  Okay for one I am not always dirty!  I don't care what people have been telling you!  Its all- well, mostly  lies.  I like all things that make my heart race.  Back to the point.  Rachel and her needing to be saved. 

This book was so action packed, it pretty much read like a summer blockbuster.  I had to read it everywhere.  I read it at work and glared at those who tried to seperate me from my Donny!  (It's fine Donovan likes when I call him that.  But he will deny it.)  That's why I don't need the smutty books...I gots it in my mind lol.  I kid.  Here is the synopsis because that's the best I can do without dropping spoiler bombs everywhere!  Trust me you are going to want to read this book spoiler free.

Saving Rachel's press release from John Locke's site.
  Sam Case, a cocky weasel and hyper-logical genius who has developed a computer program that hides money for the world's most lethal people. He is also having an affair with Karen Vogel, a stunning beauty who's way out of his league. Sam thinks he's got it all—trophy wife Rachel, multi-million-dollar bank account, luxury car, suburban mansion—and that his carefully crafted life is totally under his control. But the very morning Sam consummates his affair with Karen he is kidnapped by gangsters and forced to make logic-defying decisions, such as choosing between his wife and mistress, where the one he rejects must die. On a day that promised to be the best of his life, Sam has been reduced in status to that of a rat trying to escape a death maze. As his circumstances become increasingly desperate, Sam is forced to accept the fact that his IQ can't save his loved ones. He reluctantly turns to the one person in the world he believes can help him: professional assassin Donovan Creed.
I am going to get all of the Donovan Creed books for all the guys in my family because I know they will love love love it almost as much as I did.  As much as I recommend reading this book (and I recommend this a lot) I recommend going to John Locke's webpage...Dude is funny, just a warning, don't agree to allow him help you with T-shirt sizes...he just wants to oogle your goodies!

I got this book free from the author himself as part of a giveaway/promo it is in no way considered a payment or bribe for this good review.  Mr Locke's writing is all the bribe I needed. 

Keep reading,
Casse! aka Donovan's new stalker.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent (Review)

Did yall hear that? I just let go a fan girl squeal that would make Kaylee proud. Kaylee is a bean sidhe ya know what we call a banshee? She probably heard me since she is from my neighborhood.

I have to say I like this series probably more than any other YA series because Kaylee is real and flawed and sort of likeable. Nash, he is a bit oversexed but that's teen jocks for you.

I like how things don't end with neatly wrapped bows. This is odd because normally I NEED that neat bow to like it. I am glad I read this book because Rachel Vincent has an awesome writing style and even when you cringe at what she makes happen you still keep reading because how can you not!

This books plot has Kaylee, Nash and Tod going back and forth to the netherworlds to save someone from Tod's past soul. I still can't figure out why Kaylee agreed to but I suppose some people are more helpful than me; go figure. I would have felt bad for them but in the end I would not risk myself for it. Sorry. But it's gallant to read about even if it is fiction.

I could also hug Rachel Vincent because its book 2 and still noooo love triangle! Yes! I love that. I despise love triangles. It's like trying to make wishy-washy whore-dom okay. It's not okay in adult books and it is not okay in YA! Period.

My Soul to Save is just as good as the first in the series which is pretty damn good! I am so hooked.

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You may be interested in this previous review:

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My Mailbox

I have gotten a lot of books since the last time I did this.  I have read a lot of them so there is no need to post those ones but here are a few that I have gotten recently.

I received Evermore by Allyson Noel from a contest on
Blue Moon also by Allyson Noel from Shannon Delany author of 13 to Life (June) I won a contest
Mark of Demon by Diana Rowland bought from
13 to Life Swag from Shannon Delany (have I mentioned I love her? Well, I doez!)

Um these series covers speak for themselves bought at Albertsons Grocery Store

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater bought at Kroger
Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs bought from
If I stay by Gayle Forman bought from ALbertsons
Something About You by Julie James bought from
Chick with a Charm Vicki Lewis Thompson bought from
Oh-So-Sensible Secretary by Jessica Hart bought from Kroger
Saving Rachel by John Locke sent to me from John Locke with 10 bucks for a bookmark! lol

Keep Reading, cause I will.

Book Lust...I WANT IT!

This book trailer has me saying "Oh I waaaant so bad."

Branded By Emma Petersen

Is the cover not freaking hot! That guy's stomach is like ice cream...don't ya wanna lick it.  Damn am I going to have to buy a kindle or get the kindle app for my PC to read this!  I want it!

If you want it too it's available ebook format from Amazon. Buy "Branded" here and check out Emma Petersen here.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've gone viral...Not in a gross way.

  This will be a semi monthly feature.  I will share my e-books and E-galleys I receive.  This time I got those that are made of awesome ready?

Powers by John B Olson (Provided by B&H Publishing Group via NetGalley)
Powers, the follow-up to John Olson’s Shade (“a must-read for those who enjoy Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti” —Publishers Weekly), introduces a sheltered Gypsy girl named Mariutza. Her grandfather utters a mysterious last request before dying in her arms after being shot by ten cloaked men. Those same men die before her eyes, but strange powers continue to pursue Mari through the swamps of southern Louisiana where she has always hidden from “the Badness.”
The whole world seems to join in the chase—helicopters, soldiers, government agents, and the police are all trying to kill her. Mari’s only hope of survival is to find Jaazaniah the Prophet, the mythical hero of her grandfather’s bedtime stories. But she has never been outside the swamp or known other humans besides her grandfather and one teacher. How can this lone girl survive the bewildering world of men long enough to find a prophet who might not even exist?

Billie Girl by Vickie Weaver (Provided by Leaplit via NetGalley)
Abandoned as an infant because of her incessant crying, and left hanging from a tree in a makeshift sling, Billie Girl is rescued by a passing couple, then turned over to a homeless boy who sells her for $5 to the two women who raise her-women who are actually brothers. Billie Girl's life, a gender-bending puzzle filled with dark humor and lessons on killing out of love, is a series of pivotal encounters with strangers who struggle along with what they are given: her two "mothers," a bigamist husband, a long-lost daughter named after a car, a platonic second husband who loved Billie's adoptive father. Twin themes of sexuality and euthanasia run throughout. In a journey from hard-dirt Georgia farm to end-of-life nursing home, Billie Girl comes to understand the mercy of killing.

Shadow of the Vampire by Meagan Hatfield (Provided by HQN Books via NetGalley)
Even vampires should never sleep with the enemy.
Vampire princess Alexia Feodorovna has been undead for 125 years, so it's been a while since any man has made her pulse race. Until Declan Black. One look at his bronzed body and a fire like no other consumes her. Then she discovers that he's a dragon lord come to take revenge on the vamps who killed his parents. And claim a crystal said to imbue its owner with incredible powers.
Alexia is ordered to torture and kill the dragon lord. Yet with each reckless encounter, she finds herself
consumed by his fiery passion. A passion Declan battles, as well. Will he be able to resist the fire of lust she kindles within him and keep revenge in his heart? Or will he risk everything to quench the burning desire and claim the vampire as his own?

Sins of the Heart by Eve Silver (Provided by HQN Books via NetGalley)
As the son of Sutekh, the lord of evil, Dagan Krayle is one of the most powerful soul reapers. Dagan intends to use every ounce of his power to find his brother's remains and punish those responsible for his brutal death. But he must move swiftly-and carefully-if he is to have any chance of bringing his brother back to this world, because his enemy is on the hunt.

Otherkin Roxy Tam will stop at nothing to keep the soul reapers from resurrecting Dagan's brother. To allow Sutekh access to his remains would wreak havoc and destruction on the mortal world...and would be her unforgivable failure.
Neither Dagan nor Roxy expect to join forces for the sake of mankind. Or have their loyalties tested as they struggle against the potent desire that threatens to consume them both....

Into the Dark & Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter (Provided by HQN Books via NetGalley)
Into the Dark
Three otherworldly tales from the master of paranormal romance…and a brand-new Lords of the Underworld bonus guide!

Darkest Passion
For weeks, the immortal warrior Aeron has sensed an invisible female presence. An angel-demon-assassin-has been sent to kill him. Or has she? Olivia claims she fell from the heavens, giving up immortality because she couldn't bear to harm him. But trusting-and falling for-Olivia will endanger them all. So how has this "mortal" with the huge blue eyes already unleashed Aeron's darkest passion? Now, with an enemy hot on his trail and his faithful demon companion determined to remove Olivia from his life, Aeron is trapped between duty and consuming desire. Worse still, a new executioner has been sent to do the job Olivia wouldn't....

Demon Hunts by C.E Murphy (Provided by Luna via NetGalley)
Seattle police detective Joanne Walker started the year out mostly dead, and she's ending it trying not to be consumed by evil. Literally.
She's proven she can handle the gods and the walking dead. But a cannibalistic serial killer? That's more than even she bargained for. What's worse, the brutal demon leaves no tracks. So, if Joanne is to stop its campaign of terror, she'll have to hunt it where it lives: the Lower World, a shamanistic plane of magic and spirits. Trouble is, Joanne's skills are no match for the dangers she's about to face-and her on-the-job training could prove fatal to the people she's sworn to protect....
Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey (Provided by Luna via NetGalley)
With signs and traditions pointing to an all-out war set to break out among the kingdoms, Rosamund, the king's daughter, is "playing dead" as two princes show up at the palace intent on waking her with a kiss. But, as the two of them start to fight it out, Rosa's godmother cuts them all short and takes charge. Now, with two princes competing for the hand of Sleeping Beauty-one of them, the one with roving hands (Prince Leopold) probably "should" be her prince, while the other (Prince Siegfried) doesn't seem to belong here at all-more complications occur. The king dies and the neighbors start looking at Rosa's kingdom. But with the palace filling with young and old princes intent on winning Rosamund's love, invading the kingdom and putting those young men in peril would mean incurring the wrath of thirty other countries!

Crazy For Love by Victoria Dahl (Provided by HQN Books via NetGalley)
Chloe Turner thought she was going to marry the perfect man-until her fiancé's plane crashed. And then she got the really bad news: he'd tried to fake his own death to avoid marrying her. Now America's most famous
bridezilla (a tag she most definitely does not deserve), Chloe escapes to a remote island to avoid the paparazzi. And right next door is a man who just might be the cure for Chloe's heartache....
A magnet for wild, complicated women, Max Sullivan is relieved to have finally found someone "normal." Chloe is his girl-next-door fantasy come to life, and best of all, she gets him. With her, he can be himself, a treasure-hunting millionaire who desperately wants out of his sexy but reckless job. But when Chloe's notoriety catches up with them, will their torrid romance make it to the mainland?

*These e-galleys were provided free in exchange for honest reviews by NetGalley.  You will see these books reviewed in the next 60 days*  I want to say thank you to netGalley for the chance to read these e-copies.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hunting Ground (Alpha&Omega 2) by Patricia Briggs (Review)

I must say I do love Patricia Briggs’ mind. And though Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite series ever, Alpha and Omega isn’t too bad either. Anna is a little bit too weak for my liking and skittish, which gets kind of annoying. Also it still isn’t clear what Charles sees in her because you would think he would find her annoying. It is just not believable for me yet. But if it were I would love their romance, because they do it so well. Besides what I just mentioned.

The plot is fantastic! It is not your typical werewolf plot and it is fast passed and I never had a dragging moment. I stayed up all night just to finish it. Once I started I just couldn’t stop until I found out what was going on. I love it! Each character feels so real and I liked them or hated them like I would real people.

One thought I had when finishing this book was “Mercy and Anna are in the same world but they are totally different girls.” I like that fact and this book was a little weaker than the first but a solid installment in this series.

Bran was fantastic as always he is so consistent. But in both series they talk about how scary he is and badass but I just find myself wanting to make out with him…wait forget I said that because that just say more about who I am and what my issues are than anything else. What I am trying to say is Bran is, charismatic. Yes, that’s it. The same with Charles he seems a little rough and he is described as having almost animal magnetism and freaking beautiful hot but as I said I still find myself wanting to suck face with HIS FATHER and not him! Okay, now that my crush on Bran-Bran is embarrassingly evident, I will move on. Anna is also described as being Omega but not weak, but I disagree the only time she gets badass is when she “borrows” from her bad ass mate. Alright at the end she did go all bad ass and I was hoping in my sit all giddy because she was like freaking cool as hell! Then she fizzled and punked up again and shriveled again. Bummer. Maybe she could hang out with Mercy and get a backbone.

Either way I really loved this book and I want to be Bran’s bitch. (Did I just say that? Jeesh, Casse! Have some dignity please, you are embarrassing!)

Keep reading,
Bran's Bitch!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher (Review)

Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker--his classmate and crush--who committed suicide two weeks earlier. On tape, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he'll find out how he made the list. Through Hannah and Clay's dual narratives, debut author Jay Asher weaves an intricate and heartrending story of confusion and desperation that will deeply affect teen readers.


A shoebox-sized package is propped against the front door at an angle. Our front door has a tiny slot to shove mail through, but anything thicker than a bar of soap gets left outside. A hurried scribble on the wrapping addresses the package to Clay Jensen, so I pick it up and head inside. I take the package into the kitchen and set it on the counter. I slide open the junk drawer and pull out a pair of scissors. Then I run a scissor blade around the package and lift off its top. Inside the shoebox is a rolled-up tube of bubble-wrap. I unroll that and discover seven loose audiotapes. Each tape has a dark blue number painted in the upper right-hand corner, possibly with nail polish. Each side has its own number. One and two on the first tape, three and four on the next, five and six, and so on. The last tape has a thirteen on one side, but nothing on the back. Who would send me a shoebox full of audiotapes? No one listens to tapes anymore. Do I even have a way to play them? The garage! The stereo on the workbench. My dad bought it at a yard sale for almost nothing. It's old, so he doesn't care if it gets coated with sawdust or splattered with paint. And best of all, it plays tapes. I drag a stool in front of the workbench, drop my backpack to the floor, then sit down. I press Eject on the player. A plastic door eases open and I slide in the first tape.

My Thoughts:
I am about to get candid with you. Unposed as Hannah Baker will inform you in this novel; so honestly, I really did not want to read this book almost if not more than I did want to read it. Why you ask? Because I knew it would hit a little too close to home.

You see, Hannah is a teenage girl who commits suicide. But before she does she records on cassette tape the 13 reasons why. See, now you get the title. Jay Asher lets this story unfold amazingly. I was haunted by it and every chance I got I would run and get back into it. Walking home from work; I had it on audio book. At work; I had the hardcover and reading in-between customers. It was haunting. Even when I didn't agree with Hannah, I understood her. Because I was her.

I too was a 16 year old. I was perpetually the new kid but where she was a rumor minefield, I was simply invisible everywhere I went. The unseen, the cared for, I simply was not there. And like Hannah, I thought about suicide being the answer. I cringed a lot reading this book. Because it shows how desperate Hannah is and what got her to the point of giving up but it also showed exactly how selfish she was and in turn how selfish I almost was. I had written the letter goodbye, several of them. But in the end, thankfully I found a reason not to; any reason would have worked for me.

That’s what this story meant to me. It shows how those who are contemplating suicide are really looking for is any reason to stay alive. Just the smallest thing. It is a sad fact that a lot of people don’t find that reason. A fellow blogger recently did not find a reason to stay alive. It’s who I thought of when I read this book, Prissy Green AKA karissa, she didn’t find that reason. Everyone says but she was so happy and fine.

Fact: right before someone commits suicide people often say that the person seemed happy and calm. That is because they have decided already and they are at peace because they KNOW. They KNOW what they are going to do. They see the end. So if you see a sudden mood swing for the better in a person, don’t just let it pass as “Okay, they are better now.” It’s exactly the opposite; they are in the most danger at that point. Don’t over look it. Don’t over look anyone.

This isn’t much of a review, I know. But I will say I love this book. It felt so organic and real. It was like it was happening in a local school to the point that I want to go to my neighborhood school and shout out “Hannah! Hannah Baker? I can help you.” Because even if the she or even he isn’t named Hannah Baker…They are still out there.  Know the signs.  Be aware of the Warning signs!
 If you need help for a friend or yourself Don't be afraid,
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
You are not alone-help a friend
Find help in your state
There is help

I am here to listen as well, living proof, it can and does get better. Reach me.

In memory of Prissy Green and all the other beautiful souls we have lost.  I love you and miss you.

Keep reading,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink (Review)

I had heard a lot of things about this novel; both good and bad things. One of my favorite ones was a bad one because I was inclined to agree, but where they hated it because of one thing; I liked it for that one reason.

This reviewer said that nothing ever happened it was just talking at various locations. And though that is pretty much the case, liked that about this book. I liked that Michelle Zink didn't feel the need to stuff it full with so much action that we never really caught the information being revealed. Zink did a lot of research for this book and it is evident. Those of you, who aren't angel-junkies like me, may think that it is majorly fictionalized to fit the story but it is not. This makes Zink's novel all the more amazing. She found a way to tell the story built around something that already exists so it almost feels organic and real.

I didn't think I was going to like this story much because I hate when families are pitted against one another because I always feel it is unrealistic. If my sister was an evil witch than I still wouldn't go against her, we are family I don't give a crap how bad she was. But I did not have that problem with it in this story; I actually thought Lea was too soft on Alice! I can't give it away but you will know what I am talking about when you read it. I thought Lea should be doing some slapping! I can understand Michelle Zink not wanting to say "So I bitch slapped that wicked witch!" It is YA but she could have used a more tame description like "I molly-whopped Alice for what she did. She was evil for real yo!" I am joking but Lea's reactions were far too weak and soft. That is my only complaint with this book. Also it felt like it didn't resolve any issue. The end was anti-climactic. I always think a series/trilogy should have a "grand theme" that runs unresolved through to the end, the big finale, so to speak and a mini-plot that can be concluded at the end of the current book. Each installment with it's own mini-theme that can be resolved. This series does not have that. Still a good read.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (Review)

*sigh* I will admit, I was not all that excited about reading this book. I told myself I wouldn't read it. There was so much hype and I had no idea what it was about, I thought maybe wolves. It seemed like a big set up. I am well aware that set ups as big as this one only lead to being a huge let down. I let my fellow book bloggers' raves get the best of me so I bought the book and was like "holy mother! This is a big book." I cannot read books that big unless it is Stephen King GOOD. So I downloaded the audio book. Good thing because the audiobook was a very well done.

Like most books its size it lagged a lot. I found issues arising in the book just to extend the plot longer otherwise it had no reason. Near end of the book Lena, a truly annoying and boring girl, pulled a flip-flop a la Edward Cullen via New Moon and pulled away from Ethan saying it will only make it worse when she goes dark. Okay that would be fine IF IT WASN'T ALREADY TOO LATE! The dude had already become a pariah at school because of her! So she pretty much left the boy dangling out there in loser land by himself. It made no sense but to make another obstacle to extend the excruciatingly long book and make it longer. If stupid things like that and Amma's pencil intimidation, which was laughable because seriously did she stab anyone in the past with that sharp pencil? Otherwise, why were they scared? But back to the point, if they had cut the fat like those mentioned above it would be a very awesome and appropriate length book.

The only redeeming character the book had to offer was Macon Ravenwood. I do wish they would have told more about him and his family and background because Lena and Ethan were too weak, stupid and boring for me. They could have replaced Ethan’s pointless dad with more Macon and it would have been a big plus.

I see where the story was supposed to be going and it might have hit the mark if by page 300 it was wrapping it up instead of having almost 300 more pages to go! I hope the rest in this series doesn’t go the way this one did.


Okay I can admit when I was wrong and I was wrong. This book is better than I originally thought and gave it credit for. How do I know? Because it has been months since finishing and I am still thinking about it. It is a good story even with it's mammoth size...I now wish it was longer and still I wish there was more Macon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl (Review)

Ok, let me just say, I do not like bondage or S&M or whatever you pervs call it. I am a good virginal Catholic girl who happens to love sometimes trashy but all the time dirty books. Don't judge me!

With that said I usually hate bondage books, I can't stand anyone (male or female) being submissive. Now, that said, I looooooved Start Me Up. I love that it was completely different sex than Talk Me Down. I love the fantasy and role play. I love how the heroine and hero went about it. How realistic they were doing it. Okay dirties not *doing IT* but making Lori's fantasies come true and the way they were shit nervous about it. Yall are so nasty, pervs.

I also adored Quinn. Like to the point we could date until the night he got all creepy and started saying how rude I was flaunting my ex-lover and how I need a safe word and talking of tying me up...I'd have to dump his hott ass right then! But he also made me smile during the sexxxoring scene in that chapter; he is such a good guy and not use to the whole "bondage make her beg" thing. Alas, Pleasure is not pain and vis-a vers-a to me. Sorry Quinn. LOL But, Get your Jollies Quinn get your Jollies!

I love how sexually repressed Lori is. She doesn't even know it either! She is a secret little dirty girl. She proves pixies ARE little skeezes! *grins*

Now intertwine with what I just said about the sex and characters with the hot and awesome storyline of parents, betrayal and suspense all while fighting to NOT fall head over heels in lurve while they have kinky sexxor. ROWR!

Victoria Dahl writes the awesomest, most likeable and relatable characters ever! I so wish I were a Dahl heroine! A catholic, virgin who still dazzles men with her blatant sexuality but it’s all an act. She'd (me) is really afraid to be in love or loved and has trust issues, until a sexy hottie comes along and breaks through her hard shell and sees through her facade. Shows her lovingly that she has control issues and then blows her mind in bed! Um yea if I were a Dahl heroine that would be my story (I hope, anyway)...Since I am not, I read Start Me Up!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Birthdays: Chick with a Charm; Mad Bad and Blonde & Something about you

Chick with a Charm by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Lily Revere is free-spirited and fun-loving-two dangerous qualities in a witch. Lily needs a date for her sister Anica's engagement party, and she's determined to bring hot Griffin Taylor. But the jaded divorce lawyer claims his job has warned him off romance. Slipping a love elixir into Griffin's drink may not be the noble thing to do-but it sure works! There's just one problem: Are Griffin's feelings the result of some truly good witchcraft-or could he really be in love? [See my review for Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson]

Something About You by Julie James
Staying overnight in a luxury hotel, Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde overhears a high-profile murder involving a U.S. Senator. Special Agent Jack Pallas is assigned to the investigation-the same Jack Pallas who still blames her for nearly ruining his career three years ago. Now the pair will have to put their rocky past behind them, focus on the case at hand-and smother the flame of their sizzling-hot sexual tension. [Follow Julie on Twitter]

Mad, Bad and Blonde by Cathie Linz
After being jilted at the altar, librarian Faith West goes on her Italian honeymoon solo, but doesn't stay that way too long. And though her sexy rebound man has ulterior motives, feelings surface that neither of them are prepared for. [Cathie is also on Twitter]

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