Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Iron Daughter-Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa (review)

Okay, I will admit it I am a person who talks, screams and curses at characters while I read and thanks to twitter I now also tweet what I think as well. It makes reading fun for me, when the book causes me to do this rather I am calling them idiots or cheering them on. The Iron Fey series does a little of both. Meghan got the most rants. I just find her on the too stupid to live side at times.

But that just tells you how good the series and the book are because it is one of the series I can’t live without.

In this installment Ash is a jerk. Even more so and Meghan runs after him like a weak little puppy. I just don’t get why YA series do this. Why have the heroine chase after a guy who treats them like crap…for whatever reason. I hate that, more than anything because I hate weak females and these books breed them. Ugh. Meghan is weak weak weak, but the story is good good good in spite of it.

I can’t say too much about the high point of the book because it is so spoiler-y…but yeah Puck is the awesome and I can’t say that I am Team Puck because I wouldn’t wish Meghan on anyone no matter how badly he thinks he wants her. Ash and Meghan deserve each other…both annoying and dumb but Puck, Puck is a classic character.

I hate Ash for reasons, not just oh my gawd I hate him so much. The reason, I hate more than life when a guy decides that he is going to stay away, push away and blah blah blah away from a girl because he loves her so much he wants to protect her. Screw that and screw you dude! That is her choice. Who do you think you are that you can make a decision for a woman and who are you to think SHE can’t protect herself?!

I know this sounds a bit I am woman, hear me roar but….*sigh* fine RAAAAWR!

I am a Iron Fey fan and I will say this story lacked Machina and I needs my Machina! But what it lacked in Machina it made up for in surprise bombshells, Meghan’s family history and the members being one. I hope that isn’t too much a spoiler.

I enjoyed reading this book because I was yelling and tweeting away and the book really pulls you in and involved and you feel invested.

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