Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The good feminist

I was asked if I was a feminist today. I never thought I was one. But upon closer examination I guess I am. Let me explain.
First off I could go off on how just because I am very pro-women that doesn't mean I am anti-man. No it doesn't mean that, but I am, I hate them. Also I am not on that I want to do everything a man can do. Because trust me I do not. Not because I can't, I really can I just don't want to! Why should we? Seriously! We are better than them! Let them do the crap we don't want to do! Honestly I could just slap the first chick who first started screaming equal rights. SHUT UP LADY! Why do you want to ruin it for us all? Why would we want to go into war, dumby. Let the tards, I mean men fight for us and (cross fingers) get themselves killed. Those ladies give feminist a bad name.
We had it made. Until the first chick burned the first bra. Uh. Does she even know how much a GOOD bra even cost? Besides I need mine so I will pass. Eh who needs voting rights anyway? I mean one man is as good as the next, right? A man tard is a man tard regardless of the name he calls himself.
The only good one of the lot of them, they tried to kill on the cross over 2000 years ago. See told you they weren't all that bright. So why would we want to be equal to that. Yuck. Show a little bit of pride. We are CLEARLY better.
So if me realizing that makes me a feminist, then I am the best kind. Now hear me roar, "meow."

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