Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fallen by Lauren Kate Review

I have an obsession with angels. I have researched them extensively. I found a few things very clever in this book. The main thing being Daniel's last name; Grigori and the title of book mentioned in this book, The watcher. I can't say too much without spoilers but that is about the only thing that made me "squee". I am a catholic girl and any catholic girl worth her weight in salt can tell you about the order of Angels so I was really into the cleverness of it.

Other than that bit of clever-ness the book was a little slow moving for me. It moved too slow and I was like come on already and get to the big reveal. And my gawd, it didn't help that Luce was a bit daft! She is dolt, which was almost enough to make me stop mid story but once the story got going it was a lot better and thankfully I didn't stop.

The characters, excluding Lucinda, were good though and Mrs Kate did a great job on Cam. His part was perfection for who he is. Of course I loved him, no surprise there. Daniel, I also liked but he was also a bit confusing. The major problems and dragging of the story is because of HIM and his talking in circles. I was even like "huh? You couldn't explain that a little better Daniel. I know Luce is dumb but MERCY! Clear that explanation up a bit."

Besides the dragging of the story I guess it was a good angel tell. Mrs Kate did do research which I love about this story. I also love how she didn't bore us with a lot of back round info.

If you liked the characters immortal instruments series by Cassandra Clare, you will most likely like the Fallen characters.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Angel Time by Anne Rice (Review)

From Publishers Weekly

Full of provocative moral reflections, this kickoff to bestseller Rice's new Songs of the Seraphim religious romance series centers on hired assassin Toby O'Dare, a one-time aspirant to the priesthood until personal tragedy unmoored his life. Guardian angel Malchiah visits Toby, who's just consummated his latest kill, and offers him redemption for his sins. After accepting the offer, Toby is whisked away to 13th-century England, where, in the guise of a Dominican friar, he becomes the protector of a Jewish couple accused wrongly by the gentile populace of having murdered their young daughter for her conversion to Christianity. Two eloquently told if clunkily joined digressions give the backstory on Toby and on the persecution of the Jews in medieval Europe. Readers will revel in Rice's colorful recreation of the historical past and in her moving depiction of characters struggling to reconcile matters of the heart with their personal sense of faith. 250,000 first printing. (Oct.)

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My Review
Lucky the Fox is a great protag. He is completely damaged, completely dying to be accepted by someone. He wants to do the right thing. To the person he works for he wants to offer blind devotion. I enjoyed reading how Toby O'Dare became Lucky the Fox and how God's grace transformed him into closer to the person God will be proud of. It isn't a preachy tale but it engages the reader. Anne Rice can never be accused of not being able to tell a story. Rice's telling of Toby's story and first angelic mission will absolutely enthrall you. This story is completely captivating. Rice will always remain on top and the last 2 sentences of the book had me hitting google to see when book 2 hits the shelves. Anne Rice's Angel Time has you hooked to the very last words, The End.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review Policy/ FTC Disclaimer

New Year so I have decided to finally post my official review policy.
I respect authors hard work and will never outright trash anyones work. I try to never post a purely negative review because I am not the type who has to finish reading a book I started. If it is bad I usually stop.
I am starting to get review copies and to keep my promise to the conditions to me receiving these books, I will, I am sure have to post a bad book review. I am again positive I won't like all books I receive for reviewing purpose. And since I promised to review them, not finishing the book is not an option so sadly I will have to occassionally put a negative 4 cents in. But I will always try and also point out good points with my usual snark.

I mainly enjoy romance novels. They don't have to be the tawdry Harlequin kind, but I DO thoroughly enjoy those as wel. I just like positive romance. I also love paranormal and fantasy romance more than any other genre or subgenre. That is mainly what you will see on my page. I also review faith books.

I do receive ARCs and free copies of books for review purposes only I do not consider these as bribes or payment for a positive review. Regaurdless of how or from whom I obtain a book I will always give my honest and truthful opinion in my review of it.

Contest Winner

I forgot, well not forgot but I have been busy with revision/editing HELL. I had/have to reconstruct chapter 7 of my WIP that I forgot to announce my Ice by Sarah Beth Durst winner: Comment #1 Wendy!
She was notified by twitter maybe 2 weeks ago. It was completely random. My niece Zoey (9mnths) did the honor of using her ball popper machine to pick out a comment number. Balls went flying everywhere and it didn't go as smoothly as planned but pink number 1 ball was picked up by my lovely Zoey. I thought it would be #2 purple ball cause its her fav and she usually goes for it first.
Congrats again Wendy! Contest 2 a success! Thanks!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year reflection

For as long as I remember books have been apart of my life. My siblings and I would sit inside on a beautiful summer's day in Alaska. And believe me Alaska has gorgeous summers. We would spend all day reading silently to ourselves or listening to my second oldest brother read Witches or One Fat Summer which were two of his favorite books. We'd unwittingly be up reading well past midnight. (It is the land of the midnight sun.)
I also remember writing being apart of my life forever. My big sister and I would get diaries for christmas, usually two. We'd sit there and fill it up that day or sometimes have all week writing sessions. We weren't writing real stuff from our lives but make believe; we were storytelling. Sometimes we'd do a crossover, where the same event happened in both our books! It was fun. I'd write my characters' pov and she'd do hers. Every few hours we'd swap journals and we'd read one another's and giggle.

That seems like yesterday but also another lifetime ago. Life has gotten so hard. I want to promise in 2010 to simplify things but it would be a lie. I can still remember when it dawned on me that my words had power and I had a way to share my soul and lay it out for the world to see, on paper. I was 13, in front of my teachers desk. She held a paper in her hand and asked, "did you really write this?" I remember saying yes ma'am. It was a poem for a school project. Mrs Toni Andres entered my friend Lynne and I into a contest, THAT SUMMER I received a book in the mail, saw my words on a page and my name printed underneath. Nothing was simple from that day forward. My poems have been published but this is the year that I Make Dreams Come True, I Want A PRINT.
How about you? What do you want in 2010?

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