Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Writer's update: Casse NaRome

  So my current WIP is going very well.  I am in the process of a CP and Beta Reader search; it's harder than you would imagine.  I have my agent list that I will query as soon as I start my 2nd draft but I can't start that draft until I do 2 things.  The first and most important thing...finish first draft.  *head desk*  I am almost done.  2nd thing is get another set of eyes on this baby!  Let me tell yall something, family member's make horrible betas.  My mom makes me feel like friggin Anne Rice (um I wish!  She is one cool ass Catholic Chick, right?)  But Mother's and big Sister's are not an ideal beta reader.  Daddy's would be uncomfortable reading their daughter's writing about peen-atration. ;-p
  But in cooler news, I have registered for RWA in Nashville for this summer and today I will reserve the hotel room.  Yay, if anyone else is going let me know okay? 
  Also in more cooler news, I entered Winter Rose contest last month.  I also joined Yellow Rose.  It is a Texas branch of RWA.

  Thanks for letting me share my news but niece wants me to cuddle & baby her, yall know how I adore her.  So I will leave you with one question:

Read any good books lately?


p.s did yall enjoy the eye candy :-p  thats Aidan Turner.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Under Sea's Shadow by Christie Golden (Review)

I would have gladly given this book 5 stars if it weren't the last in a trilogy. I seemed so unfinished. It left the series wide-open. We are left hanging in a manner I vocally said "WTF?" So much was left unanswered and so much was undone. This was clearly written before Luna Books pulled the plug. I assumed there would be a book for each dancer and so did Christie Golden when she wrote this novel. I waited so long for this book when it was released and it was worth it...if only I could read the rest after this for a conclusion.

Synopsis:  Secrets hidden in the darkness of the sea...
Stolen at birth by her sea-lord father, Copper is returned to her mother, the queen, to experience life on their island home. But something is missing within her, for she is without a soul. Copper is adrift and alone until strangers come with Companion creatures and tell her of her destiny. For Copper is the Sea Dancer, one of five elements incarnate, and the fate of the world depends on the Dancers joining.
Yet there are those who would pervert the Dancers' destiny, and an Emperor who will stop at nothing to prevent them from finding one another. As conspiracies unfold, and secrets are pierced, the upwelling of power that Copper controls is put to the test.
The uneasy marriage of land and sea is about to break apart. And all hangs on Copper's choice...

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Stone's Clasp by Christie Golden (Review)

It took me awhile to warm up to the hero. Jareth was obnoxious and had too much of old skool romance hero in him. But Kevla thawed him a bit. And Golden once again did great world building. I was in this icy world and had to read it bundled up. I love how this series has enough heartbreak to pull you in and make you grieve but also leaves enough hope for things to get better. Nice change from Kevla's firery world. I loved the extreme opposites in these two, Kevla and Jareth as well as their worlds.

Synopsis:  Flame Dancer Kevla of Arukan seeks the missing elements -- Stone and Sea, Wind and Soul -- that must join to preserve their world from destruction. Sensing that the Stone Dancer, the master of Earth magic, would be found in the icy north, she and her dragon companion fly to a country mired in an unnaturally long winter. When at last they find Jareth, the Stone Dancer's own anger and pain make him reluctant to accept his destiny. His need for vengeance against the old gods who betrayed his people is powerful -- powerful enough to lead the group farther into the snows, searching for the legendary Ice Maiden, who may be responsible for the forced winter. But betrayal doesn't come only from the gods -- and the forces against them are vast. Before their quest is over, Kevla must realize that while Flame can break through the chill of the winter, Stone can withstand anything . . .

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Monday, February 15, 2010

On Fire's Wings Christie Golden (Review)

I love when a fantasy book is done right. Golden builds worlds so clearly that you can see, feel and taste them. I felt like I was in the desert, I felt the hot sand and smelled the spicy air! The characters were beautiful and the story was inspiring, tragic and heartbreaking all at the same time. I loved reading as relationships
grew and as villains were evolved before my eyes. This book was wonderful!

Synopsis: She was born without caste or position in Arukan, a country that prized both. Then a chance encounter led her to a better life. But it also brought her to danger and destiny. Because Kevla Bai-sha's fevered dreams -- looming threats to their land and visions of dragons that had once watched over her people -- held the promise of truth.

Now Arukan -- shadowed by mountains and myths -- might be overcome by eternal darkness. Kevla, together with Jashemi-kha-Tahmu, rebel prince of the ruling household, would defy all law, all tradition, to embark on a daring quest for the half-forgotten elementals that will save the world.

And so Kevla must sacrifice everything…only to be reborn in dragon's flames….

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson (Review)

Blonde with a Wand has helped me rediscover my love of light and funny paranormal romance. It’s what first pulled me to the genre. It is reminiscent of Playing with Fire by Gena Showalter. That is a very good comparison considering Playing with Fire is my fav para romance one of them at least.

Blonde with a Wand was very easy to read and pulls you in rather quickly. Once you start reading it’s not even an option to NOT read it. The Characters are likeable. Jasper and Anica seem like a perfect fit from the start. Their chemistry is amazing.

The story progressed nicely and it was good to read a light storyline. By that I mean their romance didn't seem life or death it was self contained and only involved them. Which was a good change from the dark and heavy plots I usually get involved with.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the resolution and how the situation was resolved. It was fairly predictable but only because it was realistic and fit what we all know from childhood movie favorites. Sacrifice for true love conquers all.

I love the side characters, Orion the cat and Lily. I loved the villain, as annoying as she was, a bitter neuter happy old bat. I just simply loved everything about this book.

Kudos to a job well done. Some books feel like a chore to finish, this one did not. I am glad I was able to rediscover chick-lit like paranormal romance again.

Look for Chick with a Charm in March which is Lily's story.

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Truly, Madly by Heather Webber (Review)

I received this ARC around fall last year and the cover was so purple & pink that I knew it had to be my Valentine's weekend date. Fastforward, it is now the 12th of Feb and I sat down with it and Tah-dah! I am already done.

I can't say it was the best book ever because for one I hate for my paranormal romantic comedies to be a series, which this is. And normally I say I hate something and right away I am proven to be an idiot because I read a book and presto, I love it. Example I don't like witch book last night I finished a witch book I loved. I don't like psychic books and yeah I can say I still do not like psychic books. All the same this book was a breezy and entertaining read. Wish it was a standalone that had other characters that a series could be made from like a sister and friends quest for love but no.

I highly recommend this book because it was well done, engaging and the characters were laugh out loud adorable funny!

FTC Disclaimer: I received an ARC from St Martin's Press from a contest. This review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by receiving this arc for free.

Friday, February 5, 2010

HAUNTED LOVE by Cynthia Leitich Smith (Review)

I just let out a mental squee! It would have been verbal but I am at work. Cynthia L. Smith rocked this vampire story.

When I read synopsis, I was thinking the BBC show 'Being Human' which had me excited. Now, it was not like the show at all but I am still excited. I am now hopeful of the rest of the stories in this anthology.

Cody the main character was a breath of fresh air. I hardly ever read from male pov if its not female its usually split. I thought I wouldn't like it but it was surprisingly comfortable. I didn't have any problems relating. It was a love triangle, which I generally not just hate but loathe! But Smith did it completely right. She had your gut pulling for the one who was meant to be.

I forget how much I adore short stories, because it is almost impossible to be a dragging story. And sometimes after reading a lengthy novel a short story is exactly what you need. If you find that, this is where you are at ever, I recommend this be the one.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl (Review)

       Rowwr!  Dahl is bringing the SECK-SEA back!

I need to start off with how much I love twitter. I use to be cruising for books, much like one would cruise for men. I like them dark, dangerous with a little bit of 'dear Lord is he gonna bite me? and dear God how much am I gonna love it?!" Yup I love the creepy romance, paranormal. But I followed Victoria Dahl (I call her V. Dahl or V...In my mind at least. Yup best friends she and I...Again in my mind lol Don't judge me.) I figured heck she is funny in twitter life and makes me swoon in girl crush-dom daily why wouldn't her books give me book wood?

I read Talk Me Down in August, then again in September, again in December and today I read it again. It has got to the point I’m like oh-Kay Casse review it already and read the rest of her books which the ebook store I purchased them from are holding hostage from me. womp womp.

I hate heroines usually they always make me cringe with their dumb-ness. Or I hate the way too insanely man-ish Hero whose balls must be so big I can't comprehend how they can walk. But Molly & Ben are just the shit! (I had to go back to my 90's high school days on yall sorry.) But I think Molly is so real. I couldn't hate her because hell I want to BE her, when I grow up at least. Some EX's would say I am her sans the blatant and abundant seck-sea. And Ben, woah we all KNOW how much I love cops. He is a perfect balance of manly, cowboy, rugged, quiet, sweet and dude he is from Colorado. Colorado equals gooooood.

The plot was not overwhelming and it has enough twist to keep you reading eagerly and guessing. I love the hometown girl moving back to where she was raised, but all grown up and self-aware with a secret plot. Ben is delightfully reserved poor guy until Molly blows (literally) into town.

If I were to go into all the wonderful aspects of Talk Me Down it would be as long as a college thesis. So just get this book and read it. I promise you will love it. Caution you may have to fan yourself while reading the hot spots. Dahl is one of the Dirties so you know the secks involving Moll and Ben is Dahl-icious and these randies do it everywhere! And if you are on twitter and NOT following @VictoriaDahl why are you on twitter then? sheesh.

I am about to go try and get the rest of the Tumble Creek stories (Start Me Up & Lead Me On) to download. I have been having a huge technology fail this week.

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