Friday, February 12, 2010

Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson (Review)

Blonde with a Wand has helped me rediscover my love of light and funny paranormal romance. It’s what first pulled me to the genre. It is reminiscent of Playing with Fire by Gena Showalter. That is a very good comparison considering Playing with Fire is my fav para romance one of them at least.

Blonde with a Wand was very easy to read and pulls you in rather quickly. Once you start reading it’s not even an option to NOT read it. The Characters are likeable. Jasper and Anica seem like a perfect fit from the start. Their chemistry is amazing.

The story progressed nicely and it was good to read a light storyline. By that I mean their romance didn't seem life or death it was self contained and only involved them. Which was a good change from the dark and heavy plots I usually get involved with.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the resolution and how the situation was resolved. It was fairly predictable but only because it was realistic and fit what we all know from childhood movie favorites. Sacrifice for true love conquers all.

I love the side characters, Orion the cat and Lily. I loved the villain, as annoying as she was, a bitter neuter happy old bat. I just simply loved everything about this book.

Kudos to a job well done. Some books feel like a chore to finish, this one did not. I am glad I was able to rediscover chick-lit like paranormal romance again.

Look for Chick with a Charm in March which is Lily's story.

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