Thursday, February 4, 2010

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl (Review)

       Rowwr!  Dahl is bringing the SECK-SEA back!

I need to start off with how much I love twitter. I use to be cruising for books, much like one would cruise for men. I like them dark, dangerous with a little bit of 'dear Lord is he gonna bite me? and dear God how much am I gonna love it?!" Yup I love the creepy romance, paranormal. But I followed Victoria Dahl (I call her V. Dahl or V...In my mind at least. Yup best friends she and I...Again in my mind lol Don't judge me.) I figured heck she is funny in twitter life and makes me swoon in girl crush-dom daily why wouldn't her books give me book wood?

I read Talk Me Down in August, then again in September, again in December and today I read it again. It has got to the point I’m like oh-Kay Casse review it already and read the rest of her books which the ebook store I purchased them from are holding hostage from me. womp womp.

I hate heroines usually they always make me cringe with their dumb-ness. Or I hate the way too insanely man-ish Hero whose balls must be so big I can't comprehend how they can walk. But Molly & Ben are just the shit! (I had to go back to my 90's high school days on yall sorry.) But I think Molly is so real. I couldn't hate her because hell I want to BE her, when I grow up at least. Some EX's would say I am her sans the blatant and abundant seck-sea. And Ben, woah we all KNOW how much I love cops. He is a perfect balance of manly, cowboy, rugged, quiet, sweet and dude he is from Colorado. Colorado equals gooooood.

The plot was not overwhelming and it has enough twist to keep you reading eagerly and guessing. I love the hometown girl moving back to where she was raised, but all grown up and self-aware with a secret plot. Ben is delightfully reserved poor guy until Molly blows (literally) into town.

If I were to go into all the wonderful aspects of Talk Me Down it would be as long as a college thesis. So just get this book and read it. I promise you will love it. Caution you may have to fan yourself while reading the hot spots. Dahl is one of the Dirties so you know the secks involving Moll and Ben is Dahl-icious and these randies do it everywhere! And if you are on twitter and NOT following @VictoriaDahl why are you on twitter then? sheesh.

I am about to go try and get the rest of the Tumble Creek stories (Start Me Up & Lead Me On) to download. I have been having a huge technology fail this week.

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