Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Butterface by Gwen Hayes (mini review)

Once you read this book, you will have discovered your new favorite author!
There isn't much I can say about this book, it re-enforces my belief that some authors shouldn't write short stories!  They write stories that are too good to end so soon and gives me a sad when they end.  To read it is to love it.  I was hooked as soon as I read the synopsis. You think you are going to despise Lucas O'Leary but he really is made of awesome. I also found Beth very easy to relate too. The love story unfolds nicely with a friendship so honest and endearing that again, you wish it wasn't a short story. But the ending is truly the best part; Gwen Hayes has this amazing habit of wrapping up her stories with realistic and touching endings that make you swoon with how perfect and romantic they are.

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Catholic Kittie

So Over You by Gwen Hayes (mini review)

I am so NOT over this book!

I love snarky heroines and heros, smart characters, memorable secondary ones and hot guys. A lot of short romances are superficial but So Over You has layer beneath layer of depth that you will keep reading late into the night just so you can reach the sweet end. And sweet it is. It is amazing and perfect and will leave you breathless and clutching at your bosom squealing "Ohmaaaagaaawd" that would do a southern bell proud. Like with all Gwen Hayes books, I bet you can't read just one!

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Catholic Kittie

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blogiversary interview with my favorite author, Shannon Delany!

For my celebration of my blogiversary I am doing my very first author interview. I am so excited because its with Shannon Delany. Yes, THE Shannon Delany. I also consider her a friend and idol in writing which makes her the perfect person I want to interview. By that I mean I stalk- erm follow her on twitter, her blogs amd pretty much anywhere (online even I draw a line somewhere) she appears...Tah-dah I am right there too. Okay sounds creepy but 1.) Maybe it is lol and 2.) She totally loves me so she likes it. I totally crack myself up.  But enough with MY silliness on to the interview.

When did you write your very first story and why?

Shannon:  The first story I remember writing was in 4th grade as part of an assignment. My teacher believed all f us should try writing a book at some point so she had us write a story then she would type it up, we would illustrate it and then we "bound" it using cardboard and scraps of wallpaper the local hardware store donated. I remember even then being amazed at how it felt to hold my words instead of just say them.

What was the story about?

Shannon:  I don't remember what the first one was about. The only one I do remember was the one I wrote about how I found one of our kittens run over on the street in front of my house. I guess I've always used writing to cope with things. [Awwe so sad, :'( that has to suck!]

Did you ever have that writer's aha moment and think "hey I want to do this writing for real" or was it just naturally the next step?

Shannon:  I always sort of messed around with it. It wasn't until I got serious interest from publishers that I thought, Hey, this is crazy enough it might just work! see, if you're too serious and get rejected, it hurts. But if you tell yourself often enough that you're just messing around, rejections not tough to deal with--I think I had a safety default setting on my attitude before last year.

Do you ever get terrified when thinking about your book being out there for the world to read?

Shannon:  Holy. Heck. Yes.

So I know 13 to Life is a 3 book series (duh I mean trilogy) is it possible *fingers crossed* that there can be more books a la Rachel Caine's YA series going from 6 bk series plus stand alone segments of a series for as long as it works?

Shannon:  Eh, anything's possible. I have plots for at least a few other books in the series, but I also have totally different stories I'd like to pursue. Unfortunately there's only so much time in each day, so, perhaps at some point I'll need to make an interesting choice on what gets pursued and what sits obediently by.

Totally not book related...I know that you have done Hand Cut Paper Art and very well, do you still do this and do you even have the time with all your book stuff?

Shannon:  I haven't had time to pick up a blade since late 2008, I think (which was when my pirate designs were used in a film created by UWSP students). I've developed a mild Lotte Reiniger obsession. I would love to get back into creating scherenschnitte and messenschnitte--it totally transforms the way you perceive things and simplifies things into an iconic existence in some ways--I actually have several children's books in mind I'd love to illustrate with my cuttings. And to animate them... Muahaha! A friend wants me to design wolfy bookmarks to mass-cut for fans...I just need time, you know?

I have noticed that your Art and writing have a lot of Mythos- legends and history so when you research does it start out as a for fun thing and later find its way into your work or do you set out for certain things and just find it fun as a coincidence?

Shannon:  The more intense art pieces I've done did require a lot of thought and planning because of the techniques I'm using. With papercraft and scratchboard you can't really fix mistakes so you have to plan. Same with the writing, it's in there, but whereas the art must be ploted in advance mainly, the story tends to grow much more organically and the mythos works its way in there (sometimes surprising me).

Have you considered doing an entire scene from your book out of hand cut art? That would be so awesome.

Shannon:  I'd love to have time to do that, Casse--but I'd also love to do an animated booktrailer for the next novels using silhouettes like Reiniger did--it would give a truly unique feel.

One last question what do teen werewolves eat when they are vegging out?

Shannon:  LOL! Well, Max eats anything and everything so he wouldn't be picky. Pietr woud probably veg out with eggplant and summer squash since it can be grilled (and eggplant can be made into a parmesan) and sort of "fake" meatiness. ;-) 

Thanks for your time Shannon!
Does anyone else remember that movie Teen Wolf with Michael J Fox or am I showing my age? lol
Huge thanks to Shannon Delany for the interview. I know she is very busy working on more awesome books for us to read. If you haven’t bought 13 to Life yet, well what is wrong with you?! lol Kidding but seriously you are missing out. Also book 2, Secrets and Shadows comes out February 2011. It seems so far away…

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