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Win a Arc of The Mark by Jen Nadol [Click Picture]

  Sixteen-year-old Cassandra Renfield has always seen the mark—a light glow reminiscent of candlelight. The only time she pointed it out taught her she shouldn’t do it again. For years, the mark has followed Cassie, its rare appearances odd, but insignificant. Until the day she watches a man die. As she revisits each occurrence of the mark, Cassie realizes she can see a person’s imminent death. Not how or where, only when: today.

  Now armed with a slight understanding of the mark, Cassie begins to search for it. Even as she hides her secret, Cassie mines her philosophy class, her memories, and even her new boyfriend for answers about the faint glowing mark. But many questions remain. How does it work? Why her? And finally, the most important of all: If you know today is someone’s last, should you tell them?

About the Author
Jen Nadol has a BA in Literature from American University and currently resides in a 150 year old farmhouse in Ossining, New York with her husband and three young sons. She has no paranormal abilities and is pretty happy about it. This is her first book.
To win this ARC Click here for The Mark ARC giveaway!  or to pre-order click here to go to Amazon

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Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush Contest

So if you read my blogs or tweets you have noticed I am drooling over getting my hands on a copy of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. So imagine my delight when I saw this contest. Today is the last day so hurry (september 26th! Either way its a cool Book Blog so check it out.

The contest is at I was a teenage book geek. Click Here
And to get a copy of Hush, Hush click the picture.

*Cross fingers*

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

Who knew blood could be so sexy?

The one thing I can say about Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson's books are the covers are gorgeous. And very HOTT regardless if the tatts are not consistent.

Mercy and her gang of fantasy creatures are back. Fresh from their adventures of stopping a mad-wolf from distributing a drug that can effect werewolves, Mercy has found herself in a new danger. She owes her vampire friend, Stefan a favor. So she accompanies him to give a rogue vampire a message. But what they find is not what they expected. It's 10 times more terrifying. Seriously just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

Stefan, who I find oddly, damn sexy, is a powerful vampire one of the most powerful in his Seethe. A seethe are to Vamps as what wolf packs are to well duh, werewolves.  He isn't the typical brooding vamp. Stefan is humorous, he has a scooby doo obsession (which is totally adorable) and likes to laugh as well as, smells like popcorn. Yum!
Samuel, her first love has moved himself in as her roommate and it pisses her almost-but not really boyfriend, Adam off. As a rule, I hate love triangles. They are messy and you get the readers pulling for one side and the other guy eventually gets the girl and well, whatever the decision that the heroine via the writer makes, its gonna piss someone off, and usually it me. But Briggs does messy so good. Adam or Sam or...Stefan? Hmmm it is so delicious and don't even think its gonna get resolved easily or in this book for that matter. B, (What I have taken to callin Briggs; because we are that close. Chea right!) has Mercy drag this baby ouuuut. Romance is always a good sub-plot.

The pack plays a bigger roll in this book or well their existing role from last book is just expanded on. Warren, Mercy's best friend becomes even more lovable. I mean even coyote girls loves their gays right?

This installment of the series is darker and creepier than the first. But that is because there is more vampires and vamps looove blood and blood equals cree-py! Mercy has to venture into The Seethe that Stefan belongs too. And of course runs into trouble as well. She also gets Stefan into major doo doo for a secret he is keeping for Mercy. A secret Mercy has no idea he was keeping until she ventures into see the Seethe's Mistress. A sociopath crazy bi-otch who is hot for Samuel's bod and blood.

There are a few stand-out parts in this book. Warren and his boy toy comes to mind. As well as a creepy, confusing but hott blood/finger sucking exchange between Stefan and Mercy. Have a cold glass of water handy. Its a sqweee-yuck/oh-my-gawd that is so dang hot moment.

This book also brilliantly displays the differences between wolf and vamps. Where the wolves are more noble and loyal in their pack bonds and politics and the men are virile exudeing masculinity from their pores (even Warren), the vampires are just the opposite. They are sneaky, vicious and down right backstabbers and they (male and female) have this slinky, suave sexuality to them.
The entire book turns into a game of cat and mouse that never gets old or boring. Where neither sides, wolves and vamps, are strictly one or the other. They have a common enemy though but what the sides plan on doing with this enemy is not in agreement.

Warren is hurt and some of the pack is missing. Will Mercy be able to find her guys alive and in time? Well duh of course she will. She is one bad ass chick! But along the way she will discover some of what a walker can really do, forge new ties, rack up new debts that she will have to payback and make one Biiiitch of an enemy.

For more info click here for Blood Bound's page and read a the first chapter.

The Postmistress -by Sarah Blake

I received my first look ARC from Barnes and Noble on Friday and my apartment office held it hostage until Wednesday. It has a really beautiful cover, which as from a previous post we all know matters majorly to me. I am excited to read this book and discuss it with fellow readers at First Look.

It is available for pre-order here Postmistress It is being released February 9th 2010. Just in time for an all night read on V-day.

I want to thank B&N First Look for the chance to review this book. And I expect to blog about this book more late in October.


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Low on book funds...Swap em.

Normally, I hate used books. I prefer buying books. It helps the authors and the economy but, sometimes well- I just can't afford it. All the new books I need, well not need. Yes heck, I need them! So instead of looking at the books already read sitting in piles on my floor and ect. I go to Swaptree.
Swaptree is a trading site where you can get rid of old Books, CDs, DVDs, and even games. Its free and is easy to set up an account. All you pay is shipping (unless you do the friend referral thing and earn free shipping). I have some good books coming. Here are some of this weeks trades.

I am receiving this and sending Haunted by P.C Cast

I am receiving this book and sending Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Book I am Hoping to get on a trade:

I want to receive this for Hands of Flame by C.E Murphy

I want to trade this for Katy Perry One of the boys

So hopefully I get the trades I also have Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs but people want to trade them for books I want but way cheaper books. So I am taking it off the list I think. It's a brand new book, I am not trading it for a $4.99 book. [update: I think I am holding out for Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick or Fallen by Lauren Kate lol]

If swapping isn't your thing all these books can be found at amazon, walmart or your local book store or just click the pictures to go to the amazon pages for them.

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Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

I first came across this book while looking for a new series to read. One that would keep me entertained. And boy did I get the corrected book. Though normally I am always hesitant about starting werewolf and animal shape shifter books I decided to give it a try.

Mercedes Thompson is my favorite Heroine of all times. She is just the right amount of ballsy and even though sometimes she makes stupid mistakes they are some what believable.

Mercy is a shape-shifter what they call a Walker in a world were witches, fae, vampires are known creatures. She can turn into a coyote. Her neighbor is the alpha of the local werewolves pack and has claimed her as a mate among the pack for her protection. So that the wolf guys will not harm her. They aren't foolish enough to upset their alpha, the drop dead sexy Adam Hauptman. Adam and Mercy have this love-annoy relationship. He threatens to eat her cat, while she annoys him to no end by keeping an old and dilapidated VW Rabbit in her back yard in his house's view.

Mercy meets a young wolf at her car shop and the adventures starts from there. Someone is attacking humans and turning them into werewolves. Mercy wants to find out who, exactly is doing this.

I loved the way Mercy's long-term relationship with werewolves unfold. I was so enthralled with this book from pretty much the first sentence. "I didn't realize he was a werewolf at first." Maybe it was just me but I could not put this book down.

Mercy and Adam have a complex relationship more than neighbors, but no where near the mates that Adam claimed her as. Adam has a hilarious, punk rockish but lovable daughter, Jesse, that Mercy just adores, as do I as well. And when ex-lover Samuel, son of Bran, enters the picture after Mercy has to make an unexpected and un-wanted return home to Montana, you will think Adam and Mercy's complex relationship is a walk in the park.

Moon Called is a great book. I give kudos to Briggs for the world she created while not getting caught up in petty descriptions and background filler information. Briggs finds an entertaining way to tell us all we need to know as we need to know it.

The characters are very well written and believable. And boy there are a lot of characters to know. Luckily they are easy to remember. The tri-city, where Mercy resides, wolf pack are characters who's importance that ranger from major to minor but you will remember every single one. And Bran's Montana pack (Bran is the Alpha of the entire North American wolves) will introduce themselves as they show what relevance they have to Mercy's past.

All in all I have nothing but great things to say about the opening book for the series and you won't regret reading this book. I love the huge Native American culture that is infused in this book and the magical beings that this world has, both openly and hidden in among the public.

I think every book lover should read this book.

Moon Called page

To read first chapter of Moon Called by Patricia Briggs click here

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Book by it's cover

Why do people always say not to judge a book by it's cover? Then what exactly is the cover for. It's no secret most people are visual. The cover is the first thing we see. It determines rather we are going to pick up the book or pick up the one next to it and flip it over and read the synopsis, am I right? A good book cover will make you stop in your tracks JUST to look at it. It will make you ask yourself, "hmm I wonder what that's about?"
Telling people to not judge a book by it's cover is like saying looks don't matter. puh-leaze. They may not be the only thing but like look a book is the FIRST thing. If the packaging is lame what else will make you pick it up?

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Wicked Liaison Review for BBAW

For weeks at work I have been passing by this book. The cover grabbed my attention but it is not the usual type of book I usually read. (i.e. no vampire, werewolves...ect) I am a paranormal/urban fantasy girl. I am the first to admit, Hello I am Casse, and I love creepy books. So I was reluctant to pick this book up and read. Even if the cover was drawing me like a magnet. Hot guy looking down at a pretty girl with sexy adoration doing the behind "I want you so bad but can't and shouldn't have you” grab/clutch. Freaking awesome! But I was still reluctant do to my reading snobbery. Again, Um hello I am Casse and I love creepy books.
Then doing my routine bitchery reading Smart Bitches Trashy Books. I read not one but TWO reviews on Wicked Liaison and since it has already haunting me and the cover was willing me to buy it. I said Why the heck not and I am glad I did.
I fell head over hills in love from reading the first page. Tony Smythe is dang endearing. And it was at the end of the first chapter that I realized one thing, fictional thieves are sexy. Maybe its the danger or the devil may care attitude. Taking what they want regardless of the risk. But this particular thief was pining away for a woman. Awwwe. He takes what he wants for a living yet he would not dare take her? Ooooh he is a thief with a heart. Did yall hear my heart just go pitter pat?
Constance was known for her undisputed beauty. But she was more than that. More than a pretty face and a hot bod to be used for a man's wanton carnal pleasures. She was a respectable lady! So why all these mistress offers? Would no one make an honest woman out of this widow. Beneath her beauty and naïveté is a hot blooded woman. A woman whom craves the touch of a hot blooded man.
Enters Tony Smythe, a thief, that she caught red handed in the dark of night in her room and she allowed him to steal a kiss. That singular kiss changed both of there lives.

Okay enough of that. I loved this book. The characters were well written the plot was okay enough. Not spectacular but not bunk either. I will admit I hated to be interrupted while reading this book. Especially when Tony was involved. I commend Ms Merrill for writing a hero whom was in fact a hero. That is always the point in a book that gives me pause. I’m always like how is this guy a hero?. I also commend her for writing a hero that had me wishing I could be in this book and give Ms Constance a run for her money. He is so dang charming. I don't see why he has to result to theft? He could charm anything he’d like from me and everyone else I am sure. When tell Constance he is conquered. Oh boy *swoon* He said "I surrender. You have won....I am conquered. Vanquished..." I do believe if a guy said that to me I shalt be had. (That was my historical phrasing lol.) Later he says to her, after she mistook and misunderstands something he said. "Oh, do not give me that melodramatic look. We are in a ballroom, not Drury Lane." I love that!
The villains were well done. Her nephew, Freddy, wasn't a bad guy just a spoiled moron. The real villain was creepy stalker rapist in the making Barton. I couldn’t figure out if Connie was the only woman with lady parts that he wouldn’t take no for an answer? What I like about Constance, though sometimes she acts like a wilting flower and makes a complete fool of herself at other times, she stands up for herself when Mr. wont take no for an answer BARTON implies that women are like dogs! My reaction was dude that’s totally the way to make a woman keep her bid-ness locked tight and kept to herself; what was he thinking? I was so proud of Constance. First she tells him "I doubt I can eat in your presence, since the thought of you sickens me." YEAH YOU GO, Connie! Later in the same conversation she tells him she is no damn dog. "You will find, Lord Barton, that I am not some lapdog to be easily brought to heel. You have won in this. But that is all. Now, if you will excuse me..." If that’s not a dismissal I don't know what is. But then she wilted right after. WOMP WOMP. I guess win some- lose some. I was still proud.
Barton is a pompous jerk. I was waiting for Tony to sock him. Or Constance needed to give Lord Would be Rapist a good junk punch! Nephew Freddy needs a spanking. But since He seems to want to do Aunt Constance rather than treat her as a mere female relative; I’m just sayin maybe he would truly like aunty to give him a spanking. If you get what I am saying.

If not, I am just saying get the book, read it and fall in love with the smoothest thief I have ever heard of. And tell me he doesn't make you want him to climb up your drain pipe and come through your window.
Now if there were say angels and vampires in this book it would be perrrrfection.
Here are the reviews that convinced me to give this historical romance a try. Corrina's review ; Phyllis' review And here is where you can order the book online. Buy Wicked Liaison by Christine Merrill


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Contest hosted by Beth Kery Herself
Click here to enter the PARADISE RULES contest

Brevity Reading Meme

Do you snack while you read? If so, favorite reading snack?

Do you tend to mark your books as you read, or does the idea of
writing in books horrify you?

How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog-ears? Laying the book flat open?
Never hurt a Book

Fiction, Non-fiction, or both?
Creativity is the KEY

Hard copy or audiobooks?
Heaven is holding a book.

Are you a person who tends to read to the end of chapters, or are you
able to put a book down at any point?
Start to finish!

If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop to look it up right away?
Context is what matters.

What are you currently reading?
Wicked Liaison

What is the last book you bought?
Wicked Liaison

Are you the type of person that only reads one book at a time or can
you read more than one at a time?

Do you have a favorite time of day and/or place to read?
Rainy days and books go Hand and hand.

Do you prefer series books or stand alone books?
I have a hard time letting go.

Is there a specific book or author that you find yourself recommending over and over?
My Trifecta (Sagara, Smith-Ready and C.E Murphy)

How do you organize your books? (By genre, title, author’s last name, etc.?)
OCD’s finest. Size and Name.

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A book is a book except when its not???

IREX Technologies BBAW e-reader giveaway

Okay I love books. The holding and the turning the pages. Seriously, there is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing like opening a book. Its very...calming. I am a typical reader except I am not. I also looove e-readers. I love shopping for a book in my house in pj's, pressing a button and bam! Its right there before me. I don't have to wait for it to be shipped, or go check the mail daily HOPING it is there so I can read it finally. I don't need to go to book stores (which I do love) but who always has the time. With E-readers and ebooks it is all so accessible.

Sometimes books aren't convenient for travel, having to stuff them in purses or like with me I like romance novels and the covers can sometimes be...embarrassing. With the fawning woman and the man titties. I mean I looove man titty as much as the next woman but come on, at work? On the bus? You get those "oh poor simple minded-woman" looks. But, I can read the SAME book on an e-reader and I get the "oh she is very tech-minded. This girl must be smart" looks. It's crazy.

What I tell first time e-reader/e-book buyers and shoppers the first thing to choosing is convenience, the second is availability. I want a book were the format of the book is widely available from more than one retailer. I like to shop around. I want the lowest price on a book, regardless if its am e-book or a "real" one, it's my money and I don't want to pay a penny more than I have to. The most important quality I look for in an e-reader is if I can shop in multiple places. My current e-reader I am able to use Microsoft reader, PDF and mobipocket. So I can really look around for the lowest price.

You also want it to be user friendly. I don't EVER want to buy something that is going to make me feel stupid. Some e-readers you have to be like a rocket scientist to use and figure out.

That's my e-reader must have trifecta. Convenience, availability and user friendly.

Whatever your reading material choice is, Happy reading.


Casse and Read em and Eat. Sounds like a perfect fit! The BBAW Swap!

When I signed up for BBAW interview swap, I was a bit nervous. I am new to this book blog world and so you never know how a person is going to be. I think I may have lucked out. I was paired with Christie, over at the blog site Read 'em and Eat. Immediately I knew it was a perfect match. Books and food ding ding ding. Those are a few of my favorite things. I decided to write this kindred right away. Our interview went smoothly. We chatted back and forth through emails. I am sure everybody says this but I totally see myself keeping in contact with Ms. Christie and adding her blog to my read list. I am chatty especially about books and book lovers and I really enjoy getting to know them. So here is our very chatty interview below. Enjoy and then scoot over there and read her blog.

Casse: Okay first and foremost, Why do you love books?

Christie: You know what- I don't think I can answer this question. I've been in love with books and reading for my entire life. Both my parents were readers and we always had books in our house. My mom read to my brothers and I as kids and I think it probably started then. I remember that every year for my birthday and other special occasions my uncle would give me two hard-covered Bobbsey Twins books (yes, I know, I'm dating myself!) and I always knew I was getting them and I was always SO excited! I love books because you can disappear into them. Unlike television, which is relatively mindless, books require active participation and investment. Reading is an experience for your senses: you have to hold a book and turn its pages, you need to concentrate and you need to use your imagination.

Casse: What was the first book you totally fell for?

Christie: Again, this would be a long list! I have wonderful memories of all my childhood reading: Bobbsey Twins, Trixe Beldon, Enid Blyton. I also loved individual books: A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte; The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier.

Casse: Okay name your top 5 books that you feel everyone has to read?

Christie: SavidgeReads suggested everyone do a Reader's Table...that is a table where you put piles of your favourite books to give away to people as they came to visit your house. It's not as easy as you'd think - choosing only 20 titles - but you can find my Reader's Table here: Christie's Reader's Table
This list constitutes my favourite books...well, some of them at least!

Casse: How do decide which book you want to buy and read when you shop for books?

Christie: I actually have a book where I keep an alphabetical list of all the books I want to read. I write down anything I read about that sounds interesting. The book is small enough that I can carry it around with me in case I need it....but, honestly, there are over 1000 titles on the list so I don't really think I need anymore random books. I buy two books a month out of necessity: both for book clubs I'm in and then, generally, speaking I buy what appeals to me. (When I am not looking specifically for books from my list.) I also have a tbr shelf: that is, books I have purchased and not yet read. There are over 200 books on that shelf!
One of Christie's bookshelves. FYI: I have an obsessesion with Bookshelves. lol

Casse: After you are done with a book what do you do with it? (ex: Sale, Trade, lend them out.)

Christie: I admit it, I have a HARD time parting with books. But I don't have limitless space, so I do purge every now and then- charity book sales generally benefit and I only give up stuff I know I won't read again or didn't like at all or mysteries, which - let's face it - once you've read them don't hold any further surprises! So, I might give away 20 books a year or so.

Casse: What do you do with your day when not reading? (Job, Stay at home mommy.)

Christie: There's nothing I like better than curling up on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and a book...but I don't get too many days like that! I am high school English teacher...but I have had a million other jobs: aerobics studio manager, television producer, freelance writer, book seller. I do have kids, a daughter, 12, and a son, 10, and I am happy to say they are both avid readers! (So is my husband which makes it a family thing, I guess!)

Casse: What authors do you “can't help but recommend” whenever the topic comes up?

Christie: I think I tend to recommend individual books rather than authors. It's true that when I love an author I tend to read several books, but it's rare that I love everything that they've written. (Carolyn Slaughter might be the exception to that rule.)

Casse: Why do you book blog?

Christie: I've been a blogger for several years now. I started over on Live Journal where I started to blog so I could hang out with fellow Buffy/Angel fans. I did have a book blog there and then decided that I'd really like to keep the two things separate. I like to talk about books, but really blogging is a terrific way to keep track of what I'm reading...sort of a running record. If other people drop by and want to talk...bonus!

Casse: Ok, you said you are a fellow writer which excites me because I love talking to other writers. What type of writing do you do? Is it genre exclusive? Do you find yourself gravitating towards reading books that fit into your writing style and type?

Christie: I've been a writer my entire life. I used to type out my stories on a little portable typewriter. I don't have any of them anymore, sadly. I do, however, have scads of stuff I wrote in high school - poems and short stories, all of it overwrought. I started writing in earnest again when I discovered fandom and fanfiction. And I have been plugging away at a novel for-freakin-ever! As a freelance writer I've published lots of articles...and I was the editor of my university paper...a million years ago! My taste in reading doesn't really have much to do with my writing. I generally read literary fiction, but I have been known to stray off the beaten track on occasion.

Casse: E-books are the new "thing" do you think you'll join the craze? The e-reader Companies are really trying to reach us women buyers, what can they do to actually reach us better in your opinion? They seem to think, make it pink and women will buy it lol which sadly works for me!

Christie: I know I should never say never, but NO! No part of me wants to join the e-Book craze. Part of my love of books has to do with their aesthetic. I like the way they feel in my hand and the way they look on my shelf when I'm done with them. I like covers and pages and an e-Reader (not that I've even actually held one) just doesn't do it for me.

Casse: As an English teacher doesn't it frustrate you when a student just doesn't get the point of literature? Do you find yourself trying to prove how great books are to them?

Christie: Nope. I think the worst thing you can do is try to force your opinion on someone else- especially a teenager who has dug their heels in. A love of reading, as I know you already know, starts very early. Some kids have no exposure to books at all and that's hardly their fault. So the worst thing I can do is wave 'literature' in their face and tell them to jump on the bandwagon. There's a whole school of thought out there now that students should be allowed to choose their own reading material...that we shouldn't force them to read To Kill a Mockingbird en masse. I think it would be a shame for them to miss out on that book, but I also think it's actually better for them to come to reading on their own terms. So, if they want to read drek (imho) like Twilight, let them. As long as they're reading, their taste will change and develop over time- just like mine did.

Casse: Is there a favorite book that you get your students to read every year just so you can keep talking about it?

Christie: Nope. First of all, there are certain prescribed books which are part of the curriculum. So, for example, Grade Nine students could be reading The Pearl or Cue for Treason. I taught The Pearl during summer school this year- it was the first time I'd ever read it. Simple story, but ugh...what 14 year old is going to actually relate to it?

Casse: A student comes to you and says ''I hate reading and I hate books. What's the point?'' What do you say? What one book do you suggest to try and change that opinion?

Christie: I think kids say they hate reading if the only reading they've ever done is what they've been forced to do in school. So, I would suggest that they try to find a book that appeals to them. Classroom libraries are great for that because generally you've had a hand in choosing the books. If you can help them find that *one* book that speaks to them...then maybe you've set them on the path. S.E. Hinton books are great for reluctant readers. Not only are they topical and easy to read, when you tell students that she wrote The Outsiders when she was just 16- their interest in usually piqued. The other consideration is that kids hate to read when they struggle with it- and there are more kids with low literacy skills than there should be. So, of course you'd hate reading if you can't. Those kids need extra help....and a lot of patience and understanding.

Casse: Ok about your book taste are you a genre snob? I mean do you find yourself strictly reading the same type of books or is it a free for all? Whatever looks and sounds good you'll give it a try?

Christie: Well, hopefully I'm not a genre snob! I know I said I read literary fiction...but that's because that's what I mainly read. I also love horror and mystery and erotica and suspense thrillers. I would consider those types of books my palate I read two or three lit fic and then a mystery or something. I have read some speculative fic, but it's not really my thing. I don't generally read non-fiction, but I do enjoy memoirs. I like poetry and plays, too.

Casse: How do you feel about Author blogs do you find it helps their book sales? Does it influence you to pick up their books or do you rely on fellow readers reviews more?

Christie: I don't follow any author's blogs...although if my favourite authors kept one, I'd probably tune in.

Casse: If a blogger you read trashes a book are you more reluctant to buy it than you normally would be without the review or do you just say okay noted, and then take the risk on buying it?

Christie: First of all, I'd have to really trust the blogger. Some random blogger's opinion isn't likely to sway me if it's a book I *really* want to read. However, if it's a blog by someone whose opinion I've come to trust I might consider dropping the book from my tbr list.

Casse: How do you feel about book blogger contest, is it a good way to get readers or just a way to spread the love of books and share a good books?

Christie: I've never participated in a contest like this. I think they're neat, I guess. I think they probably accomplish both of the things you've mentioned: spreading book love, and getting people reading your blog- which is what you want.

Casse: When you have a friendly relationship with an author would you sort of feel obligated to not do a bad review of the books?

Christie: I don't have a friendly relationship with any writer. I've had one author thank me for a review. I've exchanged an e-mail with one author, whose first book I loved, but whose second I didn't love...even a little. I think my job is to be as honest as I can...but it's like anything else...balance is important.

Casse: Where do you buy books at the most? Bookstores, online ect?

Christie: I buy books from all sorts of different sources. I don't live in a very big city and until a year ago we didn't even have a big book store, just little chain stores with ridiculously small selections. I love going to our new Indigo and going through their bargain book section. A little used book store opened in town a few months ago. It sells fiction only and I try to visit every couple of weeks and buy something- just as a show of support. I do buy a lot of books online. I LOVE that brings me to this question: Do you feel awkward buying used books like half priced books or second hand book stores? I always do its like the writer worked so hard and I'm not paying them for the job I'm paying a random stranger for their job. Is it just me?
and the answer would have to be, no. I don't feel awkward. By the time the books have already reached a company like bookcloseouts, the author has already made his or her money. These books are generally overstock. I'm still supporting the author. As for second hand's just like recycling, isn't it?

Casse: Okay totally out the blue. But you mentioned Buffy and Angel and those were my shows!! Did you like Angel once the gang started working for Wolfram and Hart? I think it was done hill from there. The last show was...I didn't like it did you?

Christie: I am a huge Buffy/Angel geek. I loved both shows from start to finish and could still spend an entire day rewatching episodes. I didn't love all of Angel season 5...but I don't think the show went down hill. The series finale was, to me, perfect. How else could it end? It's a fanfiction writer's dream ending, really, because we don't know how it all played out in the alley.

Casse: Ok back to blogging. When do you blog? Do you dedicate a certain time of day to blogging? How much time, on average, per day do you spend working on your blog?

Christie: Sadly life is too busy for me to be a regular blogger. I post whenever I finish reading a book and whenever I have something book-related to say or ask.

Casse: If you could meet one author, who would you meet and why?

Christie: Wow- I have no idea, really. I think it would be cool to have a chat with Stephen King. Honestly, I don't know. There are just so many writers I admire, I wouldn't be able to narrow it down to just one.

Casse: How do you determine which book from your TBR pile you’ll read and in what order?

Christie: Depending on what I've just finished, I try to figure out what I feel like reading. The books on my tbr shelf (it's actually an entire bookcase) are all in alphabetical order. I stand in front of it and see what appeals. Do I want a quick read? A mystery? Horror? Chick lit? What I *have* to read for my book clubs also has to be factored in.

Casse: Okay what do you find the hardest, starting a new book or reading the last page of an amazing book? Why?

Christie: I don't find either of these things particularly difficult. I'm always excited to start a new book. And as long as I feel satisfied, I don't mind coming to the end of a book. A book I really like ends up being reread anyway.

Casse: If you could pick one book and swap places with the heroine, which book would you pick and why?

Christie: Yikes. I've read tons of erotica where I've thought, "whew, I'd like a night with this guy." Does that count? Casse: Oh yeah, that definitely counts!

Casse: Where is your favorite place to read? What is your favorite snack food while reading? With a Blog names Read 'em and Eat I had to ask.

Christie: I read in bed every night before I go to sleep. It's the perfect end to what is normally a hectic day. Reading calms my brain down. Since I eat in bed, I don't snack. My blog is called Read 'Em and Eat because sometimes I include reading questions and recipes...just in case you're looking for book club inspiration. *g*

Casse: Do you review every book you read? How do you decide which ones will be reviewed?

Christie: I have something to say about every book I read, although not everything I have to say is necessarily positive.

Thanks to Christie from Read Em and Eat for the interview and the time. My friend Amy from BBAW, Thank you for all of this. Happy blogging!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Loot

Dark and Deadly - Jeanne Adams, Wicked Liaison - Christine Merrill, Cast in Silence -Michelle Sagara, Charmed - Jayne Ann Krentz and friend lol, The Historian - Elizabeth Kostava, Lion Heart - Doranna Durgin, The seeker - Lindsay McKenna, Wild wolf - Karen Whiddon, Back to life - Linda O. Johnston, Wolf Creek - Rebecca Brandewine, Highway man - Michele Hauf, Damien - Jacquelyn Frank, Fantasy the best of the year 2008, Fortune's Fool - Mercedes Lackey, Ecstacy - Jacquelyn Frank, Winter Kissed - Michele Hauf and Vivi Anna, and Aftershock - Sharon Sala, Janis Reams Hudson, Debra Cowan.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Making a Splash series by Jade Parker

Making a Splash series by Jade Parker

Its summer break and three girls: Robyn, her BFF Caitlin, and newbie Whitney have a summer job at popular waterpark Paradise Falls. Its a YA series but the covers were bright and looked fun, it was summertime, why not.

Book #1 Robyn

Robyn. Sweet, sensible and responsible Robyn. She was the more down to earth one out the bunch. Her and her friends are just coming to wanting to understand boys, which being an adult I found sort of lame. I can't remember ever being that clueless. Anyway, Robyn can't figure out why she gets stuck in the kiddie pool. Its completely lame right? She does get to spend time with Caitlin's big brother, Sean. Did I mention his hottness? Well, Robyn totally thinks he is. And turns out he isn't as bad as her and Caitlin thinks he is. He did pull major strings to help his sister out.
One thing Robyn could do without is Whitney. She is so lazy! You can totally sense that there is a very good reason. Which you have to wait until book 3 to find out. Oooh suspense. Caitlin is on a get a boyfriend mission and it looks like she struck hottie gold...Or did she just find a first class ticket to high school heartache. Dun dun duuun! (That's my suspense music to living up this book because I think I just yawned.)
So blah blah Robyn sets Caitlin straight about big bro Sean and guys in general. Which is a bit odd. A few chapters earlier she was just as floundering and confused as Caitlin. But I suppose while making eyes at your boss and saving a kid from drowning you learn a lot.
Moving on, they plan the waterparks big movie in the pool thing. (Sounds soggy and wet to me, not in the good way it's YA remember.) Oh they call it a 'float-in movie' clever. By the end of book 1 one of the girls gets there very first smooooch!
Robyn is too goody goody, Caitlin is to whiney and superficial, while Whitney we hardly know her but what we do know of her is she is a lazy, stuck up tart.
On to book #2!

Book #2 Caitlin

Poor Caitlin. Why can't she just catch herself a boyfriend. Tanner turned out to be a turd. And while she nurses her broken heart her BFF Robyn is sucking serious face with big bro Sean. Where is the justice.
This is high school dra-ma in it's glory. *sighs* At least Caitlin's, woo is me act is more entertaining than Robyn's I'm oh so good act. So I carry on. So just as she is in full green eyed monster mode enters stage right Romeo. No, seriously kiddo's name is in fact Romeo. Isn't that dreamy? The answer is yes. I like Romeo actually. He is a niiice addition to the story. He is cocky but in the fun high school hunk way. Go Caitlin! Well, if only she weren't so jaded from her Tanner ordeal. If only this Romeo fellow had a sweet caring side. Ahem, enter his cute little Romeo brothers who are twins. Awwwe! Actually I like them too those little guys are so very adorable.
Okay just when I start to think why is Whitney even in this story, she comes through as the sensible one while Robyn sits smiling like a niney. She tells Caitlin to get a grip. All guys aren't all alike so chill out and cut Romeo a break. Those aren't exact wording but it's what she meant.
So 4th of July is coming up and Whitney wants to do a laser show instead of fireworks and guess who has the best laser light show? Yup...Romeo's good ol poppa whom Romeo helps and que suerta! (That's "what luck" en espanol) they are normally booked for the 4th but just had a cancellation. See? Que suerta!
So the girls including the chick who kissed Tanner along with Jake, who I have a feeling will be in book 3, plan the 4th shindig. Of course Tanner tries to slink back to Caitlin while she is getting to know Romeo better. But maybe he is more like Tanner, just as she suspected? A big mis happens but Whitney is there to clear it up so Caitlin was able to get her first smooooch at this book's event and save a kid from an evil hot dog. All is right with the world, Yay! Okay I did actually love this book. Caitlin, Romeo and the twins hanging out was beyond great. I loved it. I gotta say it. I read this one straight through. I got giddy butterflies when they smooooched to her favorite song. They mention Taylor Swift and you gotta love pop culture mentions because it makes the book seem more real. The characters were just better and less of that smiling niney, Robyn. I just don't like her. LOL. I'm gushing I know. On to book 3 with gusto!

Book #3 Whitney

Whitney has a big secret. She is worried that if her besties find out they won't be her friends anymore. Poor girl. If you have read book 1 and 2 you are wondering why is Whit so lazy and gets everything she ask for? Well the secret comes out. Although I really just want more Romeo and Caitlin ah well.
Whit has a crush on ice cream boy Jake who's been buddy buddy with her since the start of summer. Could it be he likes her, or does he have another reason to stick close to her? Hmm, or is it both? Whitney will find out but will what she discovers break her spoiled little heart?
Whit is feeling a big down. Both of her new besties are sort of water park heroines and she well plans parties no real way to superwoman herself there. Unless she saves a park party that her old friends the i's are having there. They are called that because their names are: Bitchi, Witchi, and Twiti. Just kidding! Marci, Andi and Sandi but my names we better.
Also she is in need of her big lip lock like new besties. And they are true besties. Whit and Caitlin have a fun bet and Whit loses. When Caitlin refuses to collect Whit realizes that she has real friends in these girls. It's a real awwe moment. But not everyone in her new life can be trusted. Jake has a secret and it is very hurtful. It involves her secret. When Whitney finds out that Jake is a jack, ass I mean, I feel for the girl. Can she forgive him and her dad?
Whitney has to face her old rich bitch friends at the party. Which turns out awesome. And she gets the big smooooch too! Go Whit! And Jake redeems himself. At the end of summer employee party Whit makes an announcement, she is transferring schools so she can be with Robyn, Caitlin and smooooch with Jake daily.

These weren't my normal reads but it was fun and very entertaining. So pick them up for your daughters.

Get a three here.

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