Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wicked Liaison Review for BBAW

For weeks at work I have been passing by this book. The cover grabbed my attention but it is not the usual type of book I usually read. (i.e. no vampire, werewolves...ect) I am a paranormal/urban fantasy girl. I am the first to admit, Hello I am Casse, and I love creepy books. So I was reluctant to pick this book up and read. Even if the cover was drawing me like a magnet. Hot guy looking down at a pretty girl with sexy adoration doing the behind "I want you so bad but can't and shouldn't have you” grab/clutch. Freaking awesome! But I was still reluctant do to my reading snobbery. Again, Um hello I am Casse and I love creepy books.
Then doing my routine bitchery reading Smart Bitches Trashy Books. I read not one but TWO reviews on Wicked Liaison and since it has already haunting me and the cover was willing me to buy it. I said Why the heck not and I am glad I did.
I fell head over hills in love from reading the first page. Tony Smythe is dang endearing. And it was at the end of the first chapter that I realized one thing, fictional thieves are sexy. Maybe its the danger or the devil may care attitude. Taking what they want regardless of the risk. But this particular thief was pining away for a woman. Awwwe. He takes what he wants for a living yet he would not dare take her? Ooooh he is a thief with a heart. Did yall hear my heart just go pitter pat?
Constance was known for her undisputed beauty. But she was more than that. More than a pretty face and a hot bod to be used for a man's wanton carnal pleasures. She was a respectable lady! So why all these mistress offers? Would no one make an honest woman out of this widow. Beneath her beauty and naïveté is a hot blooded woman. A woman whom craves the touch of a hot blooded man.
Enters Tony Smythe, a thief, that she caught red handed in the dark of night in her room and she allowed him to steal a kiss. That singular kiss changed both of there lives.

Okay enough of that. I loved this book. The characters were well written the plot was okay enough. Not spectacular but not bunk either. I will admit I hated to be interrupted while reading this book. Especially when Tony was involved. I commend Ms Merrill for writing a hero whom was in fact a hero. That is always the point in a book that gives me pause. I’m always like how is this guy a hero?. I also commend her for writing a hero that had me wishing I could be in this book and give Ms Constance a run for her money. He is so dang charming. I don't see why he has to result to theft? He could charm anything he’d like from me and everyone else I am sure. When tell Constance he is conquered. Oh boy *swoon* He said "I surrender. You have won....I am conquered. Vanquished..." I do believe if a guy said that to me I shalt be had. (That was my historical phrasing lol.) Later he says to her, after she mistook and misunderstands something he said. "Oh, do not give me that melodramatic look. We are in a ballroom, not Drury Lane." I love that!
The villains were well done. Her nephew, Freddy, wasn't a bad guy just a spoiled moron. The real villain was creepy stalker rapist in the making Barton. I couldn’t figure out if Connie was the only woman with lady parts that he wouldn’t take no for an answer? What I like about Constance, though sometimes she acts like a wilting flower and makes a complete fool of herself at other times, she stands up for herself when Mr. wont take no for an answer BARTON implies that women are like dogs! My reaction was dude that’s totally the way to make a woman keep her bid-ness locked tight and kept to herself; what was he thinking? I was so proud of Constance. First she tells him "I doubt I can eat in your presence, since the thought of you sickens me." YEAH YOU GO, Connie! Later in the same conversation she tells him she is no damn dog. "You will find, Lord Barton, that I am not some lapdog to be easily brought to heel. You have won in this. But that is all. Now, if you will excuse me..." If that’s not a dismissal I don't know what is. But then she wilted right after. WOMP WOMP. I guess win some- lose some. I was still proud.
Barton is a pompous jerk. I was waiting for Tony to sock him. Or Constance needed to give Lord Would be Rapist a good junk punch! Nephew Freddy needs a spanking. But since He seems to want to do Aunt Constance rather than treat her as a mere female relative; I’m just sayin maybe he would truly like aunty to give him a spanking. If you get what I am saying.

If not, I am just saying get the book, read it and fall in love with the smoothest thief I have ever heard of. And tell me he doesn't make you want him to climb up your drain pipe and come through your window.
Now if there were say angels and vampires in this book it would be perrrrfection.
Here are the reviews that convinced me to give this historical romance a try. Corrina's review ; Phyllis' review And here is where you can order the book online. Buy Wicked Liaison by Christine Merrill



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