Friday, September 25, 2009

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

Who knew blood could be so sexy?

The one thing I can say about Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson's books are the covers are gorgeous. And very HOTT regardless if the tatts are not consistent.

Mercy and her gang of fantasy creatures are back. Fresh from their adventures of stopping a mad-wolf from distributing a drug that can effect werewolves, Mercy has found herself in a new danger. She owes her vampire friend, Stefan a favor. So she accompanies him to give a rogue vampire a message. But what they find is not what they expected. It's 10 times more terrifying. Seriously just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

Stefan, who I find oddly, damn sexy, is a powerful vampire one of the most powerful in his Seethe. A seethe are to Vamps as what wolf packs are to well duh, werewolves.  He isn't the typical brooding vamp. Stefan is humorous, he has a scooby doo obsession (which is totally adorable) and likes to laugh as well as, smells like popcorn. Yum!
Samuel, her first love has moved himself in as her roommate and it pisses her almost-but not really boyfriend, Adam off. As a rule, I hate love triangles. They are messy and you get the readers pulling for one side and the other guy eventually gets the girl and well, whatever the decision that the heroine via the writer makes, its gonna piss someone off, and usually it me. But Briggs does messy so good. Adam or Sam or...Stefan? Hmmm it is so delicious and don't even think its gonna get resolved easily or in this book for that matter. B, (What I have taken to callin Briggs; because we are that close. Chea right!) has Mercy drag this baby ouuuut. Romance is always a good sub-plot.

The pack plays a bigger roll in this book or well their existing role from last book is just expanded on. Warren, Mercy's best friend becomes even more lovable. I mean even coyote girls loves their gays right?

This installment of the series is darker and creepier than the first. But that is because there is more vampires and vamps looove blood and blood equals cree-py! Mercy has to venture into The Seethe that Stefan belongs too. And of course runs into trouble as well. She also gets Stefan into major doo doo for a secret he is keeping for Mercy. A secret Mercy has no idea he was keeping until she ventures into see the Seethe's Mistress. A sociopath crazy bi-otch who is hot for Samuel's bod and blood.

There are a few stand-out parts in this book. Warren and his boy toy comes to mind. As well as a creepy, confusing but hott blood/finger sucking exchange between Stefan and Mercy. Have a cold glass of water handy. Its a sqweee-yuck/oh-my-gawd that is so dang hot moment.

This book also brilliantly displays the differences between wolf and vamps. Where the wolves are more noble and loyal in their pack bonds and politics and the men are virile exudeing masculinity from their pores (even Warren), the vampires are just the opposite. They are sneaky, vicious and down right backstabbers and they (male and female) have this slinky, suave sexuality to them.
The entire book turns into a game of cat and mouse that never gets old or boring. Where neither sides, wolves and vamps, are strictly one or the other. They have a common enemy though but what the sides plan on doing with this enemy is not in agreement.

Warren is hurt and some of the pack is missing. Will Mercy be able to find her guys alive and in time? Well duh of course she will. She is one bad ass chick! But along the way she will discover some of what a walker can really do, forge new ties, rack up new debts that she will have to payback and make one Biiiitch of an enemy.

For more info click here for Blood Bound's page and read a the first chapter.


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