Monday, September 14, 2009

A book is a book except when its not???

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Okay I love books. The holding and the turning the pages. Seriously, there is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing like opening a book. Its very...calming. I am a typical reader except I am not. I also looove e-readers. I love shopping for a book in my house in pj's, pressing a button and bam! Its right there before me. I don't have to wait for it to be shipped, or go check the mail daily HOPING it is there so I can read it finally. I don't need to go to book stores (which I do love) but who always has the time. With E-readers and ebooks it is all so accessible.

Sometimes books aren't convenient for travel, having to stuff them in purses or like with me I like romance novels and the covers can sometimes be...embarrassing. With the fawning woman and the man titties. I mean I looove man titty as much as the next woman but come on, at work? On the bus? You get those "oh poor simple minded-woman" looks. But, I can read the SAME book on an e-reader and I get the "oh she is very tech-minded. This girl must be smart" looks. It's crazy.

What I tell first time e-reader/e-book buyers and shoppers the first thing to choosing is convenience, the second is availability. I want a book were the format of the book is widely available from more than one retailer. I like to shop around. I want the lowest price on a book, regardless if its am e-book or a "real" one, it's my money and I don't want to pay a penny more than I have to. The most important quality I look for in an e-reader is if I can shop in multiple places. My current e-reader I am able to use Microsoft reader, PDF and mobipocket. So I can really look around for the lowest price.

You also want it to be user friendly. I don't EVER want to buy something that is going to make me feel stupid. Some e-readers you have to be like a rocket scientist to use and figure out.

That's my e-reader must have trifecta. Convenience, availability and user friendly.

Whatever your reading material choice is, Happy reading.



Book Dragon said...

I love the post title. I do feel there is nothing like holding a book while reading but sometimes.... I love my eReader. I use an iPod Touch so I'm limited on some formats but I love taking 50+ books with me when I go out.

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