Saturday, August 21, 2010

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater (Review)

Poetic, haunting and heartbreaking. If you loved Shiver than Linger is going to rock your world. There are more characters to fall in love with and more characters to break your heart.

Maggie Stiefvater has truly out done herself. This ranks as one of the best books of the year.

This book has one thing that Shiver didn't have that just makes this book excellent. Cole St Clair, He is all things that make YA hotties hot. He is dark, moody, funny, wounded and damn (I repeat) HOLY DAMN SECK-SEA! He totally brings yummy to Linger.

This installation is more heartbreaking than Shiver but the love story is still there so pure and bitter sweet it makes you swoon.

I will also give you some advice: even if you are not into audio THIS audio book for 3 reasons. 1.) Cole sounds as smooth and seductive as honey 2.) Sam sings and 3.) COLE! He sounds like sex for your headphones! He is just pure lusty sex. Oh yes.


Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl (Review)

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Victoria Dahl is a true Contemporary Romance genius. Her Hero’s are lust worthy and sweet while her Heroines are hilariously realistic and likeable and in this novel there are double the heroes and double the heroines so it’s double the Hottness!
Crazy for Love is the story of Max and Chloe. Max is a control freak who worries about everything and everyone her meets and Chloe is the latest tabloid fodder who is portrayed in the media as a raving bridezilla from hell when her would be husband fakes his death to not marry her. Max and Chloe are a match made in hilarious sexiness. These two are so dang hott you will wish they would get to it already…or was that just me? For me they could have dropped pants on the first page and it wouldn’t be soon enough; that is how hott they were!
Chloe’s best friend is the beautiful yet shy and socially awkward Jenn who’s idea it is to take Chloe on a much needed vacation as an escape from the paparazzi. Jenn just wants Chloe to have a good time, to unwind and have a little wild sex maybe too but Jenn also might find a little of those things in store for her with Max’s little brother, Elliot the workaholic hottie. They both don’t think they have much to offer anyone else but damn Elliot is super sexy scientist and damn if that ain’t hott!
You might think that the characters would be a repeat of Dahl’s previous contemporaries but you will be pleasantly surprised that these characters are fresh and new…almost shiny even. If you are a fan of Dahl’s you feel a new justification for it and if you aren’t one yet after this book you will be.

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