Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Writer's update: Casse NaRome

  So my current WIP is going very well.  I am in the process of a CP and Beta Reader search; it's harder than you would imagine.  I have my agent list that I will query as soon as I start my 2nd draft but I can't start that draft until I do 2 things.  The first and most important thing...finish first draft.  *head desk*  I am almost done.  2nd thing is get another set of eyes on this baby!  Let me tell yall something, family member's make horrible betas.  My mom makes me feel like friggin Anne Rice (um I wish!  She is one cool ass Catholic Chick, right?)  But Mother's and big Sister's are not an ideal beta reader.  Daddy's would be uncomfortable reading their daughter's writing about peen-atration. ;-p
  But in cooler news, I have registered for RWA in Nashville for this summer and today I will reserve the hotel room.  Yay, if anyone else is going let me know okay? 
  Also in more cooler news, I entered Winter Rose contest last month.  I also joined Yellow Rose.  It is a Texas branch of RWA.

  Thanks for letting me share my news but niece wants me to cuddle & baby her, yall know how I adore her.  So I will leave you with one question:

Read any good books lately?


p.s did yall enjoy the eye candy :-p  thats Aidan Turner.


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