Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review Policy/ FTC Disclaimer

New Year so I have decided to finally post my official review policy.
I respect authors hard work and will never outright trash anyones work. I try to never post a purely negative review because I am not the type who has to finish reading a book I started. If it is bad I usually stop.
I am starting to get review copies and to keep my promise to the conditions to me receiving these books, I will, I am sure have to post a bad book review. I am again positive I won't like all books I receive for reviewing purpose. And since I promised to review them, not finishing the book is not an option so sadly I will have to occassionally put a negative 4 cents in. But I will always try and also point out good points with my usual snark.

I mainly enjoy romance novels. They don't have to be the tawdry Harlequin kind, but I DO thoroughly enjoy those as wel. I just like positive romance. I also love paranormal and fantasy romance more than any other genre or subgenre. That is mainly what you will see on my page. I also review faith books.

I do receive ARCs and free copies of books for review purposes only I do not consider these as bribes or payment for a positive review. Regaurdless of how or from whom I obtain a book I will always give my honest and truthful opinion in my review of it.


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