Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent (Review)

My Soul to Keep dug a little deeper than the previous in this series and it was completely heartbreaking and emotional which made it the best so far!

Rachel Vincent really turned the characters inside out so we learned a lot more about them and they jumped off the pages and became real to me this time around. Where the other books in the series were good, My Soul to Keep went beyond just good it was haunting. MSTKeep had me on the edge of my seat, I believe my heart literally broke a few times as I whimpered, "Nooo, why are you doing this?" I am sure I got a few odd lucks but I never looked up from the pages to see.

Kaylee is plunging deeper into her new world and new abilities and she is growing as a woman and a Bean Sidhe. Nash pulls out a lot of surprises and I think this time around he is more imperfect than he was portrayed in the other books. Tod was wonderful, delightfully charming as always and but he also shows us a lot more.

This is all around a darker story but one that us readers can relate to somewhat and Vincent expands Kaylee, Nash and Tod more and what we know about them. Relationships evolve into completely new things. The ending truly will have you closing the book with a heavy sigh and googling when the next book will be released,

My Soul to Keep was excellent!
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Diane said...

I am literally on the edge of my seat to read this book! I almost want to wait until the book after comes out so I don't have a wait like I did this time but I know I won't have the willpower to hold out. Great review and it just makes me want to weep until I get my hands on a copy! Thanks!

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

Diane, you are going to LOOOOVE this book! LOOVE!

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