Friday, May 21, 2010

Glass House by Rachel Caine (Review)

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I am a little disappointed in my friends. Why you ask? Oh I will tell you why...BECAUSE NOBODY TOLD ME HOW AWESOME THE Morganville Vampire Series IS! That is a crime against me. Seriously? No one even thought to mention it in passing?

The characters are awesome, the story is awesomer and the writing is so well paced that it is awesomest! I love how the vamps aren't some whimsical creatures everybody lust over. They are realistic and scare the humans shitless!

Now, I know some of you are all about Michael Glass and hey I don't blame you. But don't over look Shane. I am all about Shane.

Claire is an okay girl but I fear though she is ok now with the mistakes she makes; she may grow up into a TSTL character so I hope she has some growth because yes teens mess up but they also eventually learn from those mistakes. So the mistakes from Glass House I hope aren't repeated in Dead Girls' Dance.

Eve I haven't really figured out yet but I do like her. She is a sweet kid which she tries to disguise beneath her Goth...Actually every Goth kid I have met usually ARE the sweetest kids. I am glad Rachel Caine has picked up on that Kudos.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked out this book but I was pleasantly surprised. The ending was pure torture and I loved it so much I laughed while saying, "Oh Rachel Caine, you..." fill in the blank.

I finished this book the night before she spoke at a luncheon I attended so I wasn't surprised at her sense of humor and ballsy-ness. Anyone willing to end a book for teens like that HAS to have humor and BALLS!


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