Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (Review)

*sigh* I will admit, I was not all that excited about reading this book. I told myself I wouldn't read it. There was so much hype and I had no idea what it was about, I thought maybe wolves. It seemed like a big set up. I am well aware that set ups as big as this one only lead to being a huge let down. I let my fellow book bloggers' raves get the best of me so I bought the book and was like "holy mother! This is a big book." I cannot read books that big unless it is Stephen King GOOD. So I downloaded the audio book. Good thing because the audiobook was a very well done.

Like most books its size it lagged a lot. I found issues arising in the book just to extend the plot longer otherwise it had no reason. Near end of the book Lena, a truly annoying and boring girl, pulled a flip-flop a la Edward Cullen via New Moon and pulled away from Ethan saying it will only make it worse when she goes dark. Okay that would be fine IF IT WASN'T ALREADY TOO LATE! The dude had already become a pariah at school because of her! So she pretty much left the boy dangling out there in loser land by himself. It made no sense but to make another obstacle to extend the excruciatingly long book and make it longer. If stupid things like that and Amma's pencil intimidation, which was laughable because seriously did she stab anyone in the past with that sharp pencil? Otherwise, why were they scared? But back to the point, if they had cut the fat like those mentioned above it would be a very awesome and appropriate length book.

The only redeeming character the book had to offer was Macon Ravenwood. I do wish they would have told more about him and his family and background because Lena and Ethan were too weak, stupid and boring for me. They could have replaced Ethan’s pointless dad with more Macon and it would have been a big plus.

I see where the story was supposed to be going and it might have hit the mark if by page 300 it was wrapping it up instead of having almost 300 more pages to go! I hope the rest in this series doesn’t go the way this one did.


Okay I can admit when I was wrong and I was wrong. This book is better than I originally thought and gave it credit for. How do I know? Because it has been months since finishing and I am still thinking about it. It is a good story even with it's mammoth size...I now wish it was longer and still I wish there was more Macon!


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