Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saving Rachel by John Locke

I just finished Saving Rachel.  I know what yall are thinking, "Casse, what no smut this time?"  Okay for one I am not always dirty!  I don't care what people have been telling you!  Its all- well, mostly  lies.  I like all things that make my heart race.  Back to the point.  Rachel and her needing to be saved. 

This book was so action packed, it pretty much read like a summer blockbuster.  I had to read it everywhere.  I read it at work and glared at those who tried to seperate me from my Donny!  (It's fine Donovan likes when I call him that.  But he will deny it.)  That's why I don't need the smutty books...I gots it in my mind lol.  I kid.  Here is the synopsis because that's the best I can do without dropping spoiler bombs everywhere!  Trust me you are going to want to read this book spoiler free.

Saving Rachel's press release from John Locke's site.
  Sam Case, a cocky weasel and hyper-logical genius who has developed a computer program that hides money for the world's most lethal people. He is also having an affair with Karen Vogel, a stunning beauty who's way out of his league. Sam thinks he's got it all—trophy wife Rachel, multi-million-dollar bank account, luxury car, suburban mansion—and that his carefully crafted life is totally under his control. But the very morning Sam consummates his affair with Karen he is kidnapped by gangsters and forced to make logic-defying decisions, such as choosing between his wife and mistress, where the one he rejects must die. On a day that promised to be the best of his life, Sam has been reduced in status to that of a rat trying to escape a death maze. As his circumstances become increasingly desperate, Sam is forced to accept the fact that his IQ can't save his loved ones. He reluctantly turns to the one person in the world he believes can help him: professional assassin Donovan Creed.
I am going to get all of the Donovan Creed books for all the guys in my family because I know they will love love love it almost as much as I did.  As much as I recommend reading this book (and I recommend this a lot) I recommend going to John Locke's webpage...Dude is funny, just a warning, don't agree to allow him help you with T-shirt sizes...he just wants to oogle your goodies!

I got this book free from the author himself as part of a giveaway/promo it is in no way considered a payment or bribe for this good review.  Mr Locke's writing is all the bribe I needed. 

Keep reading,
Casse! aka Donovan's new stalker.


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