Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hunting Ground (Alpha&Omega 2) by Patricia Briggs (Review)

I must say I do love Patricia Briggs’ mind. And though Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite series ever, Alpha and Omega isn’t too bad either. Anna is a little bit too weak for my liking and skittish, which gets kind of annoying. Also it still isn’t clear what Charles sees in her because you would think he would find her annoying. It is just not believable for me yet. But if it were I would love their romance, because they do it so well. Besides what I just mentioned.

The plot is fantastic! It is not your typical werewolf plot and it is fast passed and I never had a dragging moment. I stayed up all night just to finish it. Once I started I just couldn’t stop until I found out what was going on. I love it! Each character feels so real and I liked them or hated them like I would real people.

One thought I had when finishing this book was “Mercy and Anna are in the same world but they are totally different girls.” I like that fact and this book was a little weaker than the first but a solid installment in this series.

Bran was fantastic as always he is so consistent. But in both series they talk about how scary he is and badass but I just find myself wanting to make out with him…wait forget I said that because that just say more about who I am and what my issues are than anything else. What I am trying to say is Bran is, charismatic. Yes, that’s it. The same with Charles he seems a little rough and he is described as having almost animal magnetism and freaking beautiful hot but as I said I still find myself wanting to suck face with HIS FATHER and not him! Okay, now that my crush on Bran-Bran is embarrassingly evident, I will move on. Anna is also described as being Omega but not weak, but I disagree the only time she gets badass is when she “borrows” from her bad ass mate. Alright at the end she did go all bad ass and I was hoping in my sit all giddy because she was like freaking cool as hell! Then she fizzled and punked up again and shriveled again. Bummer. Maybe she could hang out with Mercy and get a backbone.

Either way I really loved this book and I want to be Bran’s bitch. (Did I just say that? Jeesh, Casse! Have some dignity please, you are embarrassing!)

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