Friday, October 16, 2009

Iron Kissed- Patricia Briggs Review

Iron kissed - Patricia Briggs

After completely devouring the first two in the series, I was worried. Could P. Briggs, (my all new nickname Briggs.) But could she keep her streak of awesome-ness up?

The answer, Hell yeah! She did not disappoint!

This adventure leads Mercy, deep into the fae‘s, out in the open/or is it? world. When her former boss and mentor Zee, a goblin- which we learn is a made up term, is accused of a crime; Mercy takes it on herself to prove his innocence...even if it kills her. And it just might or even worse. The Fae aren’t some cute tinkerbells who live with Peter Pan in Neverland. They are scary, powerful, ruthless and straight up BAD-ASS. But we should always remember, humans can be just as bad. Iron Kiss shows that element too.

I am trying not to spoil anything because it unfolds, so perfectly. The characters continue to develop nicely and roundly. In this installment some of the minor players become major and some majors become HUGE.

I love the boys, Adam and Sam. And Mercy is forced to make a choice between the two, once and for all because her indecision was endangering the pack. I didn't 100% like that spin, but it worked, as well as pushed the storyline forward. I liked how it resolved itself and the guy she choice was good too. I have to admit I was pulling for them both so I would be happy and sad for whoever she picked. But the way it was done I was more happy than sad. But still someone needs a spin-off series to heal his heart in my opinion.

Adam’s pack, mainly Ben won my heart. He comes through for Mercy and helps her in his weird, rude way. But we come to understand him better. And frankly I love him now.

This book is also more heartbreaking and devastating as a woman. As I was forced to sit and watch, Mercy experience something meant to destroy. Not many books in this genre can touch me the way Iron Kissed did. I admit, I cried. Sounds silly now, but wait until you read it.  Mercy is always so bad ass most of the time it is interesting to see her most vulnerable side.

It was wonderfully done. It wasn't done just to be dramatic and be forced drama and tension like a lot of writers mistakenly do. This book pushed Briggs above all those who are in her genre.

I was tingling to get my hands on Bone Crossed, even enough to shell out a hardcover price.

And I agree with Mercy, To Wong Foo WAS a great movie.


As always click on the COVER to order your copy. Or click Here for Patricia Briggs’ site.  I feel obligated to say Book Depository has it for a good price $3.99 and free shipping.


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