Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Impetuous By Lori Foster Review

I am only a chapter into these book and this chick has only one word to describe her, A NINNY! One why is she lying? This bothers me. One guess how this is going to turn out. Is he going to be pissed that his luuurve is a liar? Why didn't she just say, yes I know who you are. And speaking of that, the Clark Kent-slash-superman has been, is and always will be dumb. I don't care what cheap wig and colored contacts anyone puts on I will recognize you. That’s just the fact. If you are hott in hoe clothes disguise, you are hott in regular clothes! Come on its lame to write a romance and say otherwise! Do you love her for her hott ass or for her?
Which brings me to Two. Is this chick Carlie, nice spelling of the name btw I like it., blind? In what world is the given description of her NOT damn hott? I don't care what man dogged her! Tell that jerk "forget you honey, I AM dang hott!" And leave it as his loss. To have her floundering confusedly around like "oh my my. Why oh why is he starin at meh? lil oh meh?" Uh could it be your shapely Amazon’s body maybe? With those legs that won't quit? hmmm maybe that’s it? To have her act clueless is just far fetched and hard to believe.
Which leads to Three. Uh who has sex with someone who you don't know their name, who they are and is wearing a mask? Then claim it to be more than a nookie- one nighter? And no point in the sexin did he not think to take the mask off her? Can you imagine, Her: say my name. Him: err what is it? or vis-a-vers-a. Lets be realistic who wanders away from the party in the rain, gets stalked to the guest house by a strange man who for all you know is clearly a stalker and then gives it up?
That’s just my first chapter first impression. I will reconvene after I am done.

Chapter 2 what the hell is she a skittish colt err mere or a grown damn woman? If its the later she needs to act like one.

Chapter 3 I would say you would THINK he'd recognize her voice being so taken with her and all. But then again they didn’t do much talking last night besides. "Me Tarzan me want pretty wo-MON. Pretty wo-MON stay with me?" Her reply "Me docile dummy, me want mon too, docile dummy scare of men. Me was married but me no want mon now. But me wont Tarzan" they basically said this but in less word. I think it was 6 for him and 4 then 2 then 3. my take is she must be so scared she. must. Talk. In. Clipped. Sentences...Just like this.
Still I carry on.

Chapter 4 Well ho-ly Cow. By the end of chapter 3 I am starting to like and get into the book. Its a typical romance. I want to scream at these people. Get out your damn head and say what you mean! But they won't. They never do. It won’t clear up until the end when they epiphanize. It will all make ‘Tah-Dah’ sense to them and they will profess their love. I will sit back and enjoy this predictable plotline ride as best I can.

Ok I need to back this review up and say I started this book in a bad mood. I am being honest here. But I do not take back anything, I was being honest. That said I will finish the rest of the review.

Once the mood past I enjoyed this book even though it involved the plot I hate the most...Stupid pointless secret. I seriously didn’t see the point of this secret and once it got to a certain point anyone would say “hey man here is the deal and here is why.” But of course it snow balled out of control and she kept doing crazy things and blatant lies to cover. It got to the point were I could understand where he was coming from when it blew up.
Still he blew up to the extreme and I was like uh he has issues nobody would do this, angry or not. Period.
I also felt after the ‘big mis’ the story went on a little too long and I was like "when will it end." I had to endure the both of them experience the ‘flip-flop‘. And the things he did to re-woo her, I found it hard to believe and the way he then just flipped, ah-gain. Then it was her turn to flop. Oy Vey!

Not that this book was totally a lose. The middle of the story was very good and entertaining, so much so, that I finished it in one late night reading. I couldn't put it down. So I have to say any big mis fan would loooove it. The Characters are great. They were endearing and made complete since together.
All in all I consider this a good book and a good review if not an honest one.

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