Thursday, October 22, 2009

About Me...Hi I'm Casse and I write creepy books. (Phobias)

  Hi again, it's me Casse.  A little bit more about me.  I am often described as the weirdest chick you'll ever know.  I like it.  *grins*  I am catholic.  In fact I am the only Catholic in my family and I have been since I was 14.  So for 12 years.
 I am an introverted person, reading and writing allow me to express myself the way I NEVER will be able to in "real life."  I am extremely shy.  Actually technically its "Social Anxiety Disorder."  But why be technical?  I hate talking on the phone but I LOVE texting and you will NEVER see me without my cellphone in hand, much to my bosses' chagrin.  Twitter is like texting the world so I love it!
  I graduated high school a year early because I was a huge nerd.   
  For a long time I was afraid to wear glasses because my oldest brother told me, okay don't laugh...,that if I fell they would break and stab me in the eye!  So you can imagine I would rather walk around blurry than get glasses!  Aren't older siblings awesome?  Lucky me, I have three.  My dad finally made me get glasses when I was 17 years old, after My mom and he, forced me to get my driver's permit and I wasn't able to because...I couldn't pass the eye test!  I was kind of relieved.  (I didn't want to learn to drive.)  I fail the eye test horrible.  I convinced them it was broke because all I saw was boxes of light and no writing at all because it was so blurry, they believed me until they made my dad look and see (he has better than 20/20 vision *rolls eyes*) He took one look in the headset, and dragged me down to the America's Best eye doctor THAT DAY!  But trust me I got shatter proof lenses!
  Also I am very short 4'11 and I never felt self-conscious about height, which surprises people.  Most the time I forget how short I am until my neck starts hurting from looking up all the time. lol.
  I love being outside in the rain, but hate sunny days because I oddly get sad when I see the sun.  I love animals but hate bugs.  I am not afraid of lizards, amphibians or reptiles...I guess lizards ARE reptiles huh?  But I have a lot of phobias-including heights (good thing I am so short lol) the dark and small spaces.  And I have a real fear of going blind because I am nosey and hate the thought of being unable to see, which explains my fear of the dark.

Okay thanks for caring to know my craziness.  See ya next week.


Unknown said...

Hi Casse :)
Thank you for sharing such a personal post.
I hate insects too. *shudder*
How is the writing going?
I'm glad to have met you (virtually).
All the best,

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