Friday, October 30, 2009

About me...well sort of. Idea I'm working on.

Since I have had time on my hands with no reliable internet connection I have had more time for work. I was doing research for ALL my books. Which all include angel research. Angels are my 'thing'. Its my schtik I guess and I'm not jewish. Well during this research I came across a bound rough draft of a novella I wrote to introduce my Desecration Series that I want to write. Its called Born Through Desecration. Its short think Alpha Omega Novella in On The Prowl by Patricia Briggs that's sorta what I did way back in 2003 when I wrote this. I have a bound copy with handwritten edits and a pdf copy no edits. I am going to post the prologues in the next couple days. If you read it and think its something you are interested in reading. You are welcome to the bound (very) rough draft or the pdf file. Just keep in mind that, though I already started the next one in the series, Daughter of Desecration it may never be finished. Since its a dead project and only write it for me. But if you really like it and it is torturing you not knowing I would consider trying to finish DOD to give to limited people. Thats just an idea I'm working with. Death Knows My Name's Hero appears in Daughter of Desecration. I fell for him and thus had to give him his own story. Actually he hijacked the story from another guy.


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