Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Book reviews

Here is the thing, I will never be comfortable dissing another writer's work. And trust me I have come across some diss worthy crap. I also will never give bad reviews mainly for one reason. If the book is garbage I don't finish it. I am not the kind of person who MUST know how a story ends even if it tortures me. Nope. I can walk away.

Now bad things in a would be perfectly good book does not completely ruin the book. Like I hate STUPID secrets! The ones you have no idea why its a secret, but the author is acting like its a huge deal that will ruin the would be relationship. Or the secret they hold on to for way to long then it gets revealed, dramatically I might add. Then annoyingly the other person acts way over the top. But I can possibly get past that if that isn't the main tension in the story. I've only read one book with supposed mind-blowing secret done oooh sooo right, C.E Murphy HANDS OF FLAME. Eliseo Daisani's secret and Janx's reaction, yes yes YES! Chills people, chills. They aren't a couple but still it works. He's secret changed everything.

There are really 3 things that I won't even try to read past. What I can't get past is a heroine who is too stupid to live, too weak to speak or stand up for herself. A heroine who is too kick ass to the point where I think Mr. Hero should check her for a pair of balls before he considers laying her! And last but pisses me off the most, male chauvinistic jerks who treat the heroine like a dainty piece of paper that belongs to him. And growls every time another male enters the room basically saying "mine." And the bitch lets him get away with it. "Hell no buddy!" I wouldn't put up with that shit! But then again I do have to regularly check myself for a set.

Up coming reviews and a contest maybe.
Night's edge (3 parts w/contest)
My soul to lose/take
CAST IN SILENCE (woo-hoo!)

That is if they end up being good. If not you won't hear me mention the book again.


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