Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outlining, I get it now.

Outlining, I get it now.

I can totally see why people outline their stories first. Wowza! I just did (for the first time). And it really helps. It clarifies how you want things to go. It is so much better than writing blind with no real aim. Writing blind makes the story and characters scattery. Dang! Also, outlines are fun. Nobody told me that. They sure weren't fun in school. But I feel like I just read an awesome book.
So many ideas flowed out on how I wanted the story to go and what I wanted to tell in the story. This rocks! I shall do it more often!
It's my fault. People have always told me to do outlines but did I listen? No. Why? Well because I'm stubborn and lazy. Also, I just wanted to let it flow. But what I didn't think ah flow where Casse!? And how? Now this is an outline for a story that I wrote then lost. It was tragic! I was devastated. I am debating going back and outlining all my unfinished projects so I can actually "unstuck" myself and get them done.
In other news. I just received the best inspiring words. My official author girl crush, Jeri Smith-Ready put the idea that one day aspiring writers will be inspired by me. WHAT A THOUGHT! And she Tweeted it. So yeah people. It's out there. Google logged it. Google Jeri's name and CatholicKittie, BAMM! It's there. Not sure I believe her incredibly sweet and kind words, but coming from someone I respect and admire. It sure is the niiicest thing to hear. If I can make anyone love a book and reading 1/4 as much as she can I will have done what I set out to do. Write a story I feel is worth telling and reading.
I guess I should mention, the compliment was semi-solicitated. It was in twitter response to a blog I wrote. But whatever I takes it!


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