Sunday, July 19, 2009

Excerpt from upcoming project

"The problem is you love Lucifer more than you love me." Dartainian looked absolutely
devastated as he proclaimed this.

I shook my head as I responded. "I could be totally condescending and say not more just differently. But that would be degrading to both our intelligence. All I can say is why does it have to be a problem? Lets just take it as a fact just like it's a fact we have children with other people. Fact, that you cheated on me. Giving up on me before we ever really had gotten started. And I am not saying that to justify myself or my actions. Okay, I love him more. Always. I always will. Fact. But look where I am. I am right here. With you not him." I thought that would be a clear point to sway Dartainian to my point.
"You ARE with him Dhylaka. You always will be. You keep him in your heart and when you move you are doing it for him. And when you touch me, you are touching him in your mind. When I touch you, it's-"
"NO. Never. His touch is not yours."
Dartainian's voice was almost a whisper but more hoarse. "Or do you mean my touch is not his? No, the Three in One forbid me saying my touch is like his. That would be such desecration of what you two shared."
I could have hit him and gotten away with it by playing the slapping sort of woman that we both knew I was not. But there would be no real passion behind it. There would be no real hurt behind the slap. His words had not stung. They were truthful in that twisted way Lucifer and I had. The hit would only be for the purpose of changing the subject. And I have never struck out without the intent to kill and nor would I start now.

I hope you enjoyed this small excerpt from book 2 of the desecration series. I am trying to look into giving away the first book Born Through Desecration, free soon. Right before Desecration's Daughter is released. I am also working on Death Knows My Name which is totally different than the Desecration series being Desecration was started when I was 18 years old, about 8 years ago. I have learned a lot about telling a story since then. So I will keep you updated.


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