Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory

The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory

Three noble women share one tragic fate...

After reading that on the back how could I not be intrigued. The story is from three points of view: Anne of Cleves, Jane Boleyn Rochford and The young Kitty Howard.
It's set after the executions of Anne and George Boleyn. Now I find historical fiction fascinating and this was no different. We all know the story of Henry the 8ths tyranny but Gregory writes it with a refreshing flare.

Anne of Cleve's marriage to Henry was a disaster from their tragic first meeting. She humiliated him so from there he makes her life a living hell. And we all know that whom Henry doesn't like have a way of losing their heads. EEKS! Poor girl not only does she have to deal with the rumors of her unappealing smell, ugly homeliness, her husband's oozy wound and her husband's wandering eye and peen...Ahem! Little Miss not so virginal Kitty Howard. She has to worry about the "off with her head!" factor. Okay wrong historical figure but you get the idea.
This book was pure courtly Gold! It spans from July 1539 through January 1547. The reign of Anne and Kitty. As well as the much deserved fall of Jane wanna-be Boleyn Rochford.

I recommend reading this book, highly. I was taken into this story not only because of my love of Tudor England but the story wasn't at a textbook. It was behind closed doors, conspiracy and backstabbing that had me saying, "You bitch!" Out loud. It was great. I stayed up all night to finish and it was so worth it. It was like a time machine.

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