Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review: Shattered Dreams by Ellie James

Okay, I guess I should let the world know one fact about me first...I have a huge thing for bad boys. Now, for fact number two, my love of bad boys is eclipsed only by my soft spot for the mysterious good guy who had no idea he is good. This story had both and I was in delicious heaven I tell!

The story was pure brilliant, the setting brilliant (made me text my sister and ask her to move to NOLA with me), Pitre (bad boy I am sure I wasn't supposed to puddle over) and Dylan (can I just say O my frakkin Gawd, right now) those 2 lovely boys made my heart all a flutter. Those were the good points that made me race to read this story at a break neck pace and read much too late into the night. Trinity, our heroine, was interesting enough and she had some awesome traits I like in my YA girl. Angst, the angst, I love the angst! She also had some inner turmoil going on that made her hop off the pages but boy was that chic so flip floppy, I was often annoyed and Chase is so bland and wishy washy I can't figure what anyone would see in him. I think it was because the story started at a good point but their connection was already established and they had already started falling for each other so I didn't get to nosey in on it.

This book left me anxious waiting for the next installment and praying for more Pitre and Yes, oh yes...more Dylan.


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