Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

Some would say, CatholicKittie is biased. But me being in love with Gwen Hayes has nothing to do with my love of Falling Under…I love her because I love Falling Under as well as the rest of her stories. This woman is Midas. And to prove my unbiased love I will post my comments I made as I read Falling Under as well as my review. They were not all me drooling over her...okay some were but NOT all.

3/6: "Dear Gwen Hayes, when you write an English person, I imagine you are writing in an English accent, thus I read in an English accent and for hours afterwards, I think in an English accent."

"Yes, yay...the Gwen Hayes humor I love so much. I just laughed so hard bf must think I am insane."

"I hate when YA boys pay attention to other girls romantically besides the heroine even if it is just flirting. It takes the romance of it all from me. Is she not enough?!"

"Instead of bye I use to say cheerios back in the da da day, but not because I really thought the English said it. Gabe makes me LOL!"

"Still not in love with Haden. Gabe, yes. Haden, no. He is too hot and cold."

3/7: "That, that scene, is probably my favorite scene! All dark para romance needs a lite hearted scene with just fun being had!"

"Girly laughter and frustrated groan 2 seconds apart...he must think I'm bipolar. LOL It's not my fault! Blame this cracktastic book!"

"*gulp* If Haden said all those yummy things to me, I'd attack him in the best way. No way he'd walk out that door without some! Like a black hole eats stars huh? That just gave me a nerd-on!"

"Oh shit, that is effin the absolute hottest thing anybody ever said in history. Ho'boy! Page 171'll know...about her heart...*fans self.*"

**Got epically sick** **Tibit…I always seem to get the plague while reading Gwen Hayes’ books…I blame how effin romantic it is!**

3/10: "Shit just got real!"

"And that, is how you end a book! Dear Gwen Hayes, I heart you!"

Okay, as you can see, I HATED Haden…he was everything I hate in paranormal. He made the heroine question her hotness when we all know he is supposed to make her feel like the best thing on earth. He flirted, kissed and touched other girls…I was steaming. I was won over by page 171 and it only got better from there. The secondary characters were a little added awesomeness my favorite was Gabe and Vernie but as much as I loved Theia, I did not like her friends Donny most of all. She is something like Bipolar but they were much needed characters to add dimension to the story and the group.


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