Saturday, December 26, 2009

A writers life WIP

I just had to write an insanely hard to write chapter. Well, really it was just the ending of the chapter that had me so irrate. I am trying to sooth myself by explaining, yes to myself, that it was a realistic decision my Heroine made.
I always have to ask myself while writing, "Casse, would you ever make that choice and is it realistic?" In this case I had to say HECK NO I would never make that decision but quickly had to tell myself that it was a realistic choice. Though this heroine has a lot of my qualities...we aren't the same. Our fears drive us to do completely different things and because we are so much a like on somethings its harder to get in her head.
Truth is, I would make a horrible romance novel heroine. Even though I have some of the traits (don't laugh at what follows. Well, go ahead its pretty hilarious.) I am a sexy bookish nerd who is shy but head strong but has no idea how truly gorgeous she is. I am smart but insecure but that is where good rom heroine trait ends. I have a smart mouth and I hate being told what to do. I don't take much crap and I am boring as hell. So yeah no novel would ever be written about me.


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