Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fade by Lisa McMann Review

I am always weary about starting the next book of a series I love. What if it is terrible and it ruins it? Rarely does follow ups live up to an awesome series debut.

Janie and Cabel were perfect in Wake by Lisa McMann. But in Fade I felt the spark of what they were but they were not those characters anymore. Janie was strong but didn't make you want to set check her. Now she just does shit just because Cabel doesn't feel comfortable with it. Cabe went all bitch on me. And became not quite alpha not really beta but some lukewarm washy-version them both.

But the story was good. I love McMann's style of storytelling. It fits the story. I love how she doesn't do too many BIG twist and surprises. I like the teacher aspects and I like the way Janie played it up until the actual event. She annoyed the hell out of me then. But still I guess it was a normal and natural way to handle the situation and realistic.

Janie and Cabel's relationship, I just don't get why the drama. It seemed manufactured to give the story another sub-plot but it made absolutely no sense and was pointless except to drive a story and try and force emotion from readers.

I still enjoy the dream catcher series and will look forward to reading Gone. Janie and Cabel are no longer my book ideal couple. Its fine but this is prime example why I am hesitant and scared to read 2nds in the series.

Lisa McMann is still one of my favorite writers.

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