Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Knotted Roots & Hidden Falls by Ruthi Kight

Knotted Roots
I have grown weary of books lately. They have been very dramatic with pointless stupidity happening. Knotted Roots was not like that. Roxanne (Roxie) was a city mouse in the country. I know she was supposed to come off as high maintenance but she was my favorite character in the book besides Brian. I could relate to her issues with deadbeat grandparents which is probably why I did not feel she was ever too hard on Betty. I just did not like Grandma Betty. Which kind of ruined the effect of the story. Roxie's so called best friend, Amber was a trifling bitch. I don't get how childhood friends could end like that without a bigger deal or trying. That was the one issue I found unbelievable.
Chase and Brian, I loved. Like loooooved. Brian large measures more than Chase. Only because Chase was a bit too moody. But I really enjoyed reading this story and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who likes NA high drama in moderation in a YA setting.
I was warned I'd need tissue and while I did not, you might.
Cover Whore:
This maybe one of my favorite covers of the year.
Hidden Falls
I was ecstatic when I heard this book was about Brian's HEA. I may have squealed because Katy was perfect for him. She is very funny and you almost have to like her. She is the kind of friend we all dream of having. I wanted to clunk her in the head a few times. How could she not see how Brian felt? Gah. LOL
I found it kind of awful that 1) Roxie was dating Chase knowing that Katy like him hard since forever. (Roxie even knew before hand and mentally called it in Knotted Roots.) Hello girl code! 2) Katy was still going all warm and fuzzy over Chase even though Roxie was with him and Katy chose to be her bestie. And by awful I mean eek.
There was a lot of little Katy-isms that kept me smiling and I'm glad I read this novella. I wish it were longer because Katy and Brian are probably my favorite couple out of the two Knotted Roots books in the series thus far. I adored how Brian secretly held a torch and pined after Katy all these years. *swoon*
The story was fast paced. I read it in an hour and a half. I loved Brian calling her Kitty Kat or kitty because it made me giggle every time. This is a 5 star must read.

Cover Whore:
I love it. You can just feel that southern charm oozing from Brian.


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