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Interview: Belle Dam Boys (Scott Tracey)

Adorable tidbit, my niece calls Witch Eyes "Thunder Eye." Cute right?
When I read Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey, some may have heard me rave about the awesomeness. Mainly, the boys are what made the book most memorable. Their dysfunction was hilarious. Every single one brought something to the table, from cockiness, pouty/brooding and bitchy/snarky. That combination could only bring pure awesome entertainment.

Then I was given an opportunity to interview one of the boys. The easy choice would be Braden; it does all start with him. If you know me the obvious choice was Drew. I always connect to the cocky ones. I am anything but EASY or OBVIOUS. And like the greedy little spoiled brat that I am, I wanted ALL THREE. Lucky for me Scott Tracey saw what I envisioned and the results were perfect!

I was worried it would get hostile but they managed to behave themselves, somewhat. So in honor of Demon Eyes release, I bring you the best interview ever done. You will love these guys so much you will run right out and pick up Book 2 in this series because surely you have already read Witch Eyes, right?

1. Okay, guys, first impressions. What where yall thinking the first time you saw each other? Obviously this question is for those of you who first met in Witch Eyes.
Braden: Well, when I first saw Drew, I was thinking ‘wow, he’s hot.’ But then he opened his mouth, and I was thinking ‘restraining order.’

Trey: Really? Because I know someone who can make that happen.

Drew: Shut it, Lansing. No one cares about the paralegal you used to crush on back in Future Businessdouches of America.

Braden: Wait…paralegal?

Trey: Don’t listen to him. Besides, we’re supposed to be answering a question. The first time I saw Braden, I thought “this kid wears sunglasses at six in the morning. Okay, I can work with that.”

Drew: How romantic. The first thing I thought about Braden was “witch.” He reeked. Still does. And before Gentry jumps in with another snotty rebuttal, the first thing I thought about him was “how did Catherine even manage to find a silver spoon that big to shove up his—“

Trey: Okay, next question!

2. Who was cuter Braden? Drew, he described you as “Adonis in Abercrombie” I’m guessing you have a rock hard body? ;-P
Braden: Wait, why am I getting excluded? Maybe I’m cuter…..I could be cuter!

Drew: *snorts* I’ve been told I have the body of a young Greek god, its true.

Trey: Medusa wasn’t a god, Armstrong.

Drew: Are you sure? Whatever. Anyway, Braden’s supposed to be the one answering this question. Don’t sulk just because he thinks I’m better looking. It’s not my fault you’re allergic to stomach crunches.

Braden: Can’t I just plead the fifth? Yeah, I’m going to do that.

3. How is it to live in a town like Belle Dam? I can’t imagine growing up there much less being a newbie.
Trey: It’s not like growing up on Mars, it’s a perfectly ordinary town.

Drew: Spoken like the boy with the silver broomstick shoved up his—

Braden: No! Do NOT finish that sentence.

Drew: Fine. But it’s not like growing up in a ‘perfectly ordinary town.’ It’s like growing up on a chess board—

Braden: I get that, I think about it like that all the time.

Drew: --and you don’t know what kind of piece you are, you only know that someone else is moving you around in a game you’re not really a part of.

4. So you all have some connection to Jade but Drew yours is kind unclear to me, did yall date before you supposedly went all grrr on her?
Drew: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Braden: Uhm, Trey? You’re growling.

Drew: He’s just jealous. He wanted me all to himself.

Trey: Shut up, Drew.

Braden: Yeah, wait…what?

Drew: Fine, I’ll answer the question so we can just move on. We didn’t date so much as associate with one another. Jade needed a way to needle at her mother, and I’m as sharp as they come.

Braden: Said by no one in the history of the world, ever.

5. I am guessing we will get more dirt on that history and more in Demon Eyes?
Drew: What part of ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ wasn’t clear?

Braden: Drew, now you’re growling.

Trey: That’s his guilty conscience. Not that he ever showed any actual remorse for trying to kill my sister.

Drew: Oh, I’m sorry, you must have been too busy trying to kill me to hear it properly the first time.

Braden: Can we just…not? We agreed to a no-violence policy for this interview.

Drew: Sure, jump in to his defense.

6. Drew, I do hope you play a bigger part in Demon Eyes, you have a bit of a following in the “Team” Drew sense?
Drew: Luckily, everyone wised up and realized my star potential. By which I mean Braden decided he couldn’t live without me in his corner.

Braden: We’re friends, I wouldn’t go that far.

Trey: …

Drew: Aww, is little Lansing going to have himself a little sulk? Maybe huff and puff and pout your house down?

Braden: Lay off of him, Drew. I swear, the only reason you’re even here is because it lets you pick on Trey.

Drew: Not my fault Gentry can’t fight his own battles. He needs his lady love to fight his battles—ow!! You hit me!

Braden: I didn’t raise a finger. That boom mic must have fallen all on its own. Weird timing, though. Maybe it’s allergic to the crap coming out of your mouth.

Drew: Have I mentioned how much I hate witches?

7. At the end of Witch Eyes everything ended so tranquil and so calm. Braden and Trey, you’re both so complacent in letting the issues and war of your parents dictate how you should live; isn’t that a bit insane?
Braden: I mean, I just got out of the hospital. Give me at least a little credit.

Trey: *silence*

Drew: Morons.

Braden: I’m just saying, nothing’s resolved yet. Maybe almost dying made me a little complacent, but it’s not like I’ve given up.

Trey: *silence*

8. Can you give us a hint of what to expect in Demon Eyes and the rest of the series?
Drew: You get to see more of me.

Trey: Yeah, the quality really goes downhill.

Drew: That’s not what your boyfriend was saying last night…

9. Okay, any last words before I let yall go?
Drew: Defenestration.

Braden and Trey: …

Drew: What? I want to leave them wondering!

10. Who wants the very last word, Drew? ;-)
Braden: Of course HE gets the last word.

Drew: Hey, you had your chance to admit that I was the fairest in all the land.

Trey: I am in hell.

Drew: Just remember, in hell, no one can hear you sulk.

Thank you Braden, Trey and Drew for the entertainment! I mean for the interview :-) And thank you to author Scott Tracey, for allowing me to convince you of this crazy thing purely for my own amusement.
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Unknown said...

Okay, I know this is five years late, but I'm re-reading this series now, and this interview is adorable. The Belle Dam Boys in general are adorable.

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