Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Can there truly be love after death?

I'm just going to say it, the cover is so freaking gorgeous. I admit that is the reason I bought this book. It's much like the cover of  Die For Me, which I also bought due to the cover and LOVED!

I really liked this book. The first 3/4ths more than the ending, which dragged. I loved Amelia, I adored Joshua and I even liked Eli.

I do feel some characters could use some fleshing out: Ruth, Jillian, Eli, hell Joshua and Amelia for that matter. So I guess all the characters could. I am not saying they were all flat but most lacked motivation that I (a reader) could sympathize or relate to. I'm sure they had it. I'm sure they felt strongly about it but why? Why did Ruth hate Amelia? I know seer/ghost but why so passionately? Prejudice? Why was Jillian a huge bitch?

At the end I also felt the author just made Eli do crazy bad shit so we didn't like him? Because the entire time I am sure we all felt like he was kinda annoying but if we just understood why he was like that. Why he was obsessed, besides lonely, he could be likable. We didn't know why Amelia was dead(teehee no pun intended) set against even attempting to befriend him so at the end the author had Eli go bat shit Cray Cray without us fully getting his motivation but only so we wouldn't care what happened to him?

I am hoping book 2 gives us more and goes deeper. I recommend this book.        


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