Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Book B-day to Shannon Delany- 13 to Life

Yesterday June 22nd was the day I have been waiting for.  if you ask me why you haven't been paying attention to me much so I will tell you again, 13 to Life (a werewolf tale) I know that was dropped from the title *shrugs* I still love it, was released. Yay! In celebration I will post some of the links Shannon shared on twitter.
Seven questions with Shannon Delany
Original 13 to Life prequel (MacMillan)
13 to Life Blog
Not so spring-break prequel

I was lucky enough to pre-order and next day deliver it and it shipped early so I got it today AND Shannon's awesome publisher St Martin's Griffin sent me a complete copy to review just BEFORE a 20 hr road trip. *cackles* The universe (sometimes) loves me so since I have 2 copies...I will return the love to the universe and give one copy away.

I was going to wait until July when I will have Shannon on my blog for an interview during my MONTH long blogiversary celebration but, we have waited long enough also I don't mind getting another copy for that. 

+1 So here is what you do to enter:
1. Follow Shannon on twitter @Shannon_Delany
2. Follow this blog
3. Answer these questions.
                   A:) What animated movie does Shannon quote in one of her interviews?
                   B:) What hair colors does Jess say her hair isn't, in one of the prequels?
                   C:) What website did Shannon first start 13 to Life on?
                   D:) Besides poetry what else does Jess admit may not be her forte as well?
That is it and if you go to the Shannon Delany/13 to Life related posts I posted the answers are easy to find. I am such a nice blogger I even posted the sites in order of the questions...aren't I just super sweet! And even though the book won't be signed like I planned maybe you can convince Shannon Delany to send you a bookplate? If you are really good I mean. Here is a picture of the book & swag you are trying to win!

Okay what you see here, besides my coffee and fruit obsession is:
13 to Life
Morganville Vampire TPU brochure and Rachel Caine card
Signed Shade (another awesome book) bookmark and 3 other Jeri Smith-Ready adult WVMP series cards
And since all authors will tell you how important music is to their writing a special 2 pk cd set from a friend of mine.

Email me LitterBoxBlog and let me know your answers to the questions and if you win I will ask for your information to verify that you did all that was required.  After you email me your answers, add your points and leave them in the comments, please. Contest ends Friday June 25th  Good Luck!

For TWO extra entries:
+1 Follow me on twitter @CatholicKittie
+1 Follow my writer blog From Here to There...A Writer's Journey

Good Luck!


Okapi said...

+1 completed and emailed you answers, follow this blog, follow Shannon Delany's twitter.

For TWO extra entries:
+1 Follow you on twitter (@faellie_lupe)
+1 Follow your writing blog

Total = 3

Anonymous said...

+1 complete the answers, follow this blog and Shannon's twitter
+1 Follow me on twitter @CatholicKittie
+1 Follow my writer blog From Here to There...A Writer's Journey

Total= 3

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