Sunday, November 22, 2009

Angry me Win for you... playing with fire CONTEST

This is the awesome original cover

This shows what kind of person I am. I have been wanting to do a contest for well months. But harlequin pissed me off! Their covers are getting lazy! And generic.

  Okay look at My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent's cover NOW look at the re-issue of (my favorite book) Playing With Fire by Gena Showalter's cover. Same dang cover! Why would they eff up the cover? Gena's cover was awesome a chick holding a fire ball!
So the contest is easy. First comment gets a copy of old cover book. I'm ordering it (used) sorry) from amazon, so you will get it directly from them. I would say follow me on twitter but I'd never make subjecting you to my rambling a part of a contest. But if you want you can follow me. @catholickittie also tell someone about this blog. Just a request not part of contest. leave email address so I can contact you dear winner! Some of their other re-issues look twilight-ized and the covers have nothing to do with the dang books (Divine by Mistake/Choice/Blood all three by P.C Cast)

[UPDATE]  Okay I got the first comment but I had so much fun, I love giving and sharing books.  Next week, I am giving away another favorite.  Dead Sexy by Amanda Ashley.  Used from Amazon Market.  The following week is Forever Yours By JanMarie Anello.  It's Casse's Fav giveaway month! Surprise and I am also giving away a brand new copy of ICE by Sarah Beth Durst.  Just because Sarah Beth Durst sent me a copy that I won.  It's signed and I treasure it so I am buying one luck follower their very own copy.  You will love it!  I will blog more on it later. 


Unknown said...

That sucks that they redid the covers. But the book sounds really interesting.

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