Thursday, November 12, 2009

PEEN-atration please?

What do yall think of sex in YA books? How do you feel about it? I mean yes I supposed some teens are having sex (I want to go on record and say, I did not and I do not agree with minors having sex. It's complicated enough for adults and kids are not ready for the complications. Heck I'm still not. Yes I am old fashion and YES I'm good little Catholic girl who doesn't agree with pre-marital lovin that said moving on.) But that said, I am on the fence about sex in YA books. The house of night series by Cast squared (P.C and daughter Kristen) had a sex scene with minor-teacher no less and it kind of pulled me out the story. But should it be included? I remember thinking "oh, is this?- oh they are really?- They are really going to take it there. Woah!" Felt sorta like hebe-porn! I am not sure if as a teen would I have appreciated sexing invading my book. Teens are curious about it, so would it help them explore there sexuality without doing anything or would it make them want to try it? I am not sure. I would love to hear from yall. Leave a comment please.



Jill Buck said...

i appreciate sexual tension in YA books, and I know plenty of teens are sexually active, but I prefer when the characters don't actually go all the way. In the Twilight saga I appreciated that Bella and Edward didn't reach that point until after they got married. Not saying it can never happen in YA, but part of me likes when it doesn't- maybe since it is such a big part of general culture it is nice for something which is aimed at the age group to show it is okay not to have sex so young.

Book Dragon said...

I like to know if it's going to happen no matter what the target audience is. As far as YA? I have mixed feelings. I know it happens in real life but do we really need it in our fiction? I don't mind the tension or suggestion as long as it furthers the storyline but please, no heaving or thrusting! YA sex is better behind closed doors, IMHO

And minor/adult? NO

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

I agree. I know it is going on in real life but do we have to read about it in YA. I guess they can hint at it but I prefer just the tension. I was in awe when House of Night series had some characters doing oral in first book. My jaw dropped literally! I read Cast adult books and her raunchy-ness is ok and expected there so I was prepared to skip past if it got too much. But in her YA I was unprepared for it. Thanx for comments!

Unknown said...

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Wanderer said...

I haven't read much YA but I don't think I'd have an issue with it if it was a natural progression in the relationship and if it wasn't too graphic. The most recent YA book I read was Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and it was more a fade to black kind of thing. I thought it was done very well in that case.

I started the House of Night series a while back and again, I wouldn't have had an issue with the characters having sex if there was a progression in the relationship and I felt it was believable that they would take that next step. However, with the HON books the sex was between a student and teacher. THAT is what disconnected me and I haven't been able to finish the series since. I've heard good things about new characters later in the books but I just don't have an inclination to go back anytime soon. I was really enjoying the books up until then too...

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

I am reading Ice by Sarah Beth Durst and she did the fade to black type thing BUT Cassie was 18 and it is with her husband. It was the natural progression and beautifully done. Very romantic fairy tale.

GuideToPassion said...

I'm not a fan of sex in YA, or even the suggestion of it. Sure, its happening in real life, but to promote it to the thanks.

The responsible thing to do is to save that for MA! Personally, my first experience was at a young age, but it was NOT in my books. And I'm glad.

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