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Welcome to my stop on the "Meet my character Blog Hop!" Elise Marion tagged me to join and I was more than willing. You can go visited with her latest hero, Sir Caden Maignart. I "meet" him recently and I was tempted to chain him up in my bedroom too. My girl Lady Gwendolyn had the right idea. ;-)

So now it is time for my boy, Yeshua!
Yeshua is a reluctant newbie Archangel who is often misunderstood, mostly by his ex girlfriend but current partner. He is loyal and believes that true love is a once in a lifetime, till death do us part kinda thing. Since he and the object of his affection are both immortal, he is hoping for a long time to love Shaina. If only if he could get her to trust him again.

While a lot of girls are dying to get lost looking in his expressive pale green eyes, he just can't get over the girl he left behind. He is willing to do anything for the people he loves and sadly the list is very small. 

Yeshua is so sweet, sincere, soulful and has the sexiest wavy hair that Shaina can't decide if she wants to sock him or run her fingers through his soft strands; hate him or forgive him.

Curious to find out if Yeshua ever wins back Shaina's heart or if another Angel will win the she-reaper's attention, read Part-Time Reaper #1 - Tag em and Bag em! Also stay tuned for book #2 - Release The Beast and #3 - Calling All Angels coming soon!

Continue to meet other awesome character and follow this blog hop over to Niecey Roy and Lisa Rayns who will be posting in a few days (four) once I tell them I volunteered them to join. ;-)

Will Shaina be able to heal her shattered heart and save his lost soul?

Shaina has 99 problems and death ain’t one. Well, actually it is. She is the newest reaper. Shaina's partner is her ex best friend as well as her former boyfriend who disappeared without a goodbye four years ago. Her current boyfriend isn't a boy at all but an ancient angel with a defect. He has never heard the voice of God. Yeshua has a place in her soul and he refuses to let go while Samuel possesses her body and leaves her craving more but who will win Shaina's heart? Headaches, heartbreaks and mayhem...Yeah Shaina has 99 problems but Death is the least of them.

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Chained by Elise Marion

Chained (Chained Trilogy Book 1)
Author: Elise Marion
Genre: Medieval/Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 90,000
Publisher: Marion Press
Cover Art by: Najla Qamber Designs (

Blurb: House Toustain … House Maignart … two royal houses once embroiled in a bloody feud … Thirty years of peace now broken in an instant …

Sir Caden Maignart has been captured, beaten, locked in a dungeon, and wrongfully accused of kidnapping and oath-breaking. Determined to free himself and his men, and clear his besmirched name, Caden does not count on the willful nature of his captor, Lady Gwendolyn Toustain, the daughter of the man who was once his father’s mortal enemy. After several attempts at escape, the lady orders him bound and chained to a wall in her chambers—where he will remain under her personal guard at all times and kept from conspiring with his men. While the lady's high-handedness infuriates him, Caden cannot deny that everything else about her drives him to distraction. Forced into close proximity with her, Caden soon finds it hard to remember his mission of escape.

When Lady Gwendolyn of House Toustain first lays eyes on her prisoner, one thing about him is abundantly clear: Sir Caden of Daleraia is a dangerous man. Yet, she must show him no fear. The captured band of knights from Daleraia are her only clue in the mystery surrounding the disappearance of House Toustain’s sons, and it falls to Lady Gwen to seek justice. Is this kidnapping merely the ploy of mercenaries out for a ransom? Or has Sir Caden acted on the order of the High Lord of Daleraia and broken the peace? As she searches for the answers, she never expects the surge of passion that ignites between herself and her prisoner. The longer he remains in her clutches, the more Gwen realizes that though she has him chained, she is the one who has been captured.

Kneeling in front of him, she forced herself to meet his gaze. “You are quite a rabble-rouser, aren’t you?” she said gently, sympathy pricking her as she observed his beaten and bloody face up close. 
He smirked despite his split lip. “Aye, wench. Did you think you could keep me in your cells forever?”
Gwen shook her head slowly. “No, I suppose not. What am I to do with you, Daleraian?”
His lips split into a blinding smile, and for a moment, Gwen was taken aback. Despite his battered face, she had to grudgingly admit that the man had magnetism. His smile was disarming. “I could think of a few things, wench,” he murmured, his eyes lowering to the neckline of her kirtle.
Gwen’s jaw clenched, but she reminded herself of her vow to remain calm. “My steward thinks I should kill you.”
He scowled. “Your steward sounds like an idiot.”
Espan huffed and stammered in outrage at that, and Gwen stifled a laugh. “He is my advisor, Sir,” she said. “My father’s as well. I heed his council in all things.”
“Heed mine,” he offered. “You don’t want to kill me. To do so would be a grievous error.”
Gwen’s eyebrows raised. “Why?”
“Suffice it to say that if I were gone, Lord Theodric would miss me … enough to send thousands of warriors to Seahaven’s gates.”
“Lord Theodric has already set his forces against Dinasdale. Do not think I have forgotten that.”
The knight’s jaw ticked. “I have already told you, we played no part in the atrocities committed in Heywick.”
Gwen shrugged. “Forgive me if I’m not inclined to release you with only your word as evidence. I need more than that.”
“Then let me go,” he growled, his voice low, “and I will prove it. Keep my men as collateral, and I will return for them when I bring evidence of our innocence.”
“I think not. You’ve been nothing but trouble since you arrived at Seahaven, Sir. I am within my rights to have you executed, but I am not inclined to just yet. You will remain my captive until I am ready to release or ransom you, but you will not return to the dungeons.”
The gaoler snapped to attention at that. “And just where do you s’pose I’m t’ keep him if not in the dungeons?”
Gwen stood and turned to face him. “This prisoner is no longer in your care. You have more than proven your ineptitude where he is concerned. He has nearly escaped you several times, and bested your guards at that.”
Espan stepped forward, his brow furrowed in confusion. “Milady, what are you saying?”
“I want him shackled to that wall, there.”
Espan and the gaoler followed her extended arm and pointing finger. Both men glanced back at her in disbelief. “Milady,” Espan protested. “Surely you do not mean—”
“But I do,” Gwen said brusquely. “My mother always said the best way for a woman to see something done, is to do it herself. The Daleraian is now in my guard. I want iron rings installed into that wall immediately. He shall remain under my personal guard, where he cannot conspire with his men to escape. There are no guards for him to assault here … no one here but me.”
Espan stuttered and stammered for a full minute before gaining his composure. “Milady, begging your pardon, but it is hardly proper.”
Gwen’s nostrils flared as she turned on the man. “Am I not castellan here? Do I not speak with the voice of the high lord?”
“A-aye, milady,” Espan sputtered. “You do, but it is my duty to advise you in all things.”
“And so you did,” Gwen said, turning her back on him. “I have made my decision and I will be obeyed. This Daleraian poses no threat to me in irons. In this way, I can be sure that he causes no further harm to our guards, and has no one around him with which to conspire.”
Espan inclined his head humbly, but doubt was still present in his eyes. “I will do whatever you command, milady, you know this.”
“Good,” Gwen said with a curt nod. “Then do as I’ve asked, immediately, and send for Lynet, I have need of her.”
Espan bowed again and retreated quickly, his surcoat swishing around his ankles. Gwen turned on the gaoler next. “Go, and take all but two of your guard with you. I want a watch set up just outside my doors, two sentries on each watch, day and night.”
The gaoler did her bidding as well, departing without protest. With only the two guards standing watch just outside her doors, Gwen was alone with the knight. She knelt before him again, reaching out toward his face. He flinched away, inhaling sharply as her fingers made contact with his jaw.
“Hold still!” Gwen chastised, gripping his chin firmly and forcing him to endure her inspection. “I must know if your face needs to be stitched. You’ve taken quite a beating.”
The Daleraian snorted dryly. “You should see the other men. Five against one, it was hardly a fair fight.”
“No,” Gwen agreed as she gently prodded his injuries, wincing at the large gash torn just above one dark eyebrow. “It was not well done of them.”
His eyes flashed mischievously as she met his gaze. “I meant, not fair to them.”

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About the Author:
Elise Marion is a lover books and has a special place in her heart for sweet and sensual romance. Writing about love across all walks of life is her passion, as is reaching people through the written word. The Army wife and stay-at-home mother of three spends most of her time taking care of her children. Her second job includes writing stories about characters that people can fall in love with. When the Texas native isn't caring for her family or writing, you can usually find her with her nose in a book, singing loudly, or cooking up something new in the kitchen.
Find Elise online at 
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V-Card by Alicia Michaels blog tour


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Title: V-Card
Series: Sharing Spaces # 1
Author: Alicia Michaels
Audience: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Formats: E-book & Paperback
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
Cover by: Najla Qamber
Editor: Melissa Ringsted
Pages: 133 pages
ISBN : 978-0692203323

Jennifer Nolan has been unlucky when it comes to love; even more unfortunate when it comes to sex. In fact, the twenty year-old college junior is about to enter her senior year still carrying her v-card. All she wants is to be with that special someone without it resulting in a trip to the emergency room, runaway office supplies, or being scarred for life by someone’s weird fetishes. With several botched attempts under her belt, she begins to fear she’ll end up a lonely spinster or a crazy cat lady.
With only 60 days until her 21st birthday, Jennifer is determined to lose her virginity once and for all. Little does she know that her mission will lead her down a path toward love. She never expects that her mission will lead her to a discovery of what true womanhood is, and where true and lasting love begins.

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“It sucks when your pretend date ditches you for a real one.” I looked up to find Dain in front of me, blocking Christian and Amber from my view. He was so tall I had to crane my neck up to look at him. I didn’t mind; the view was spectacular.
I shrugged. “Yeah, but what are you gonna do?” I said, my tongue finally coming unglued from the roof of my mouth. He smiled and my insides quivered. “It’s okay, we’re roommates. I’ll just do gross things to him while he sleeps.”
He laughed again and I smiled in response. “You could do that. Or,” he leaned in, so close I could smell his cologne, “you could get even.”
My mouth fell open. I was a fish again, gasping for air and flopping around for something witty to say. Instead, he got, “Get even?”
He nodded. “Yeah. You know, find some wildly attractive guy to be your new date and piss him off.”
“That’s a good idea,” I said. “Know any wildly attractive guys?”
“If you’ll settle for extremely witty and tall, then there’s always me,” he said. Him. On a biscuit. Or covered in chocolate. Or running shirtless, drenched with sweat. Or … I swallowed past the lump in my throat.
“I guess you’ll do,” I said with a shrug.
“Good. Why don’t you tell me about Jenn?”
“Um, okay.” He placed his hand at the small of my back, turning me toward the little dock jutting out over the water. A sleek speedboat bobbed on the surface. I concentrated on trying not to trip as we stepped out onto the dock. “Well, I’m a Nursing student. I’m in my junior year and I want to be a Pediatric nurse after I graduate.”
“Pediatrics, huh? You must like kids or something.”
I nodded. “Everybody likes kids.”
“So you must want to have them someday.”
“Doesn’t everybody?” He shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe someday. I’m more focused on my career right now than anything else.”
“What do you do?” “Well, I just graduated with a business degree last year,” he said, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “I just started an entry level position at my dad’s company.”
“Wow,” I said, eyebrows raised. “Color me impressed.”
He laughed. “Not that impressive. It’s grunt work in the mail room, but you have to start somewhere. My dad started there and now he’s CEO. I could have gotten a job higher up, but I wanted to take my lumps like everybody else. Couldn’t have everybody whispering behind my back that Daddy did it for me.”
I wasn’t lying about being impressed. A guy who could have gotten any job he wanted through his dad, choosing to work his way up from the bottom. This guy became more intriguing by the second.
“That’s ambitious,” I stated. “More so than Nursing.”
“Hey,” he said, his hand coming out of his pocket to touch my bare shoulder. That touch caused my blood to sing in my veins. Electricity arced across my skin. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a nurse. It’s a hard, noble job. Besides, someone has to hold the little brats down while they get their shots.”
“You are so not funny,” I replied, but I was laughing all the same.
“No, but you are,” he said. “Look at you all mad at me. It’s cute.”
I could feel my face getting hot. Cute? I’d take it. For him, I’d wear cute like a badge of honor. This was going well. I was flirting without making too big a fool of myself. Dain was smiling, and not a fake, forced smile either. He kept touching me—my arm, my shoulder. Things were going perfectly. Until I took a step backward and went plummeting off the side of the dock.

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Beautiful by Carly Rae Jepsen
Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colby Calait
Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars
The Other Side by Jason DeRulo
Domiono by Jessie J
Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
Trouble Sleeping by Corrine Bailey Rae



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about the author
clip_image016Ever since she first read books like Chronicles of Narnia or Goosebumps, Alicia has been a lover of mind-bending fiction. Wherever imagination takes her, she is more than happy to call that place her home. With seven Fantasy and Science Fiction titles under her belt, Alicia strives to write multicultural characters and stories that touch the heart. V-Card is her first Contemporary Romance.
 The mother of three and wife to an Army sergeant, she loves chocolate, coffee, and of course good books. When not writing, you can usually find her with her nose in a book, shopping for shoes and fabulous jewelry, or spending time with her loving family.

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Tour Schedule - One Week Blog Tour for V-Card by Alicia Michaels from June 15 to 21, 2014.

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June 17

iHeartBooks by MiLo18 - Spotlight with Excerpt

The Book Whore-der's Delights - Spotlight with Excerpt & Review

Pretty Girls Read Books - Spotlight with Excerpt

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Part-Time Reaper #1 by Casse NaRome New Release

Part-Time Reaper Blurb:
Shaina has 99 problems and death ain’t one. 
Well, actually it is. She is the newest reaper. Shaina's partner is her ex best friend as well as her former boyfriend who disappeared without a goodbye four years ago. Her current boyfriend isn't a boy at all but an ancient angel with a defect. He has never heard the voice of God.
Yeshua has a place in her soul and he refuses to let go while Samuel possesses her body and leaves her craving more but who will win Shaina's heart?
Headaches, heartbreaks and mayhem...Yeah Shaina has 99 problems but Death is the least of them.
Will Shaina be able to heal her shattered heart and save his lost soul?

Author Bio:
Casse Narome is the alter-ego of an awesome woman who started writing her first book in 2001 when she was 18 years old and had to take a bus a hour to work and a hour home each day. Although she loved the story she admits that it was very "self-indulgent." She actually admits that it is possible that all her stories are but only because she only writes the stories she wants to read at the time. She doesn't follow fads or writing trends she is just a paranormal, young adult/new adult kinda girl to the heart! She is also goofy and loves comedy so expect that from her and in all of her books.

Casse Narome is an Air Force brat so she has picked up the odd behavior of never staying in the same place for too long. She is quite the nomad. She is never serious, has been accused of wishing her life was a sitcom laugh track and all, she loves to laugh and occasionally snorts while laughing but it’s fine “dudes find that shit sexy, right?” Casse is also very introverted, has a bad habit of talking out loud to herself and she is fine with being a little insane.
You will find her on Twitter way too much being very random and spewing her opinions. When you see her online, tell her to get back to writing!

Contact information:

Team Yeshua excerpt

"Can you feel me?" I asked once more prepared to let go if he said no.
I would sob that I had to wander around this place longer but I would do just that in order to find Yeshua.
I felt arms slide around my waist and grip me tight. So tight that it almost hurt. I didn't complain I just held on tighter in return. I put my head against his chest and I heard him sigh. I nearly cried when I felt him against me. 

"You came for me."
"I will always come for you, Yesh. Always." Hadn't I made a similar promise to another angel earlier? Come back. I had promised to come back to Samuel. I had to make my way back through the void and into Samuel's arms. That meant I had to leave Yeshua's. I lingered a little longer in his embrace. I inhaled him, enjoying the comfort of his scent. Yeshua.

Team Samuel excerpt *steamy*

I sat down on the couch where I must have fallen asleep because when my eyes flew open I was in my room looking at the angel that I called my boyfriend. He sat in the chair by my bed and his eyes were locked on mine.
"That is kind of creepy you know. Waking up to be watched." I informed Samuel while rubbing away any sleep that might be there.
"Here I thought I was being romantic. What were you dreaming about?" He leaned forward, his back rigid.
I shrugged which turned into an all-out stretch and yawn. "Not sure. I don't remember why did I talk in my sleep?"
"You said a few words. Mainly, Samuel you are the sexiest thing ever created. I happen to agree," He joked. Oh please let him be joking.
"Shut up. Really what did I say?"
"You said 'I promise. Give me a little time and I will find it.' What will you find?" He leaned even further with interest.
I shrugged again. "Must have been about cookies." I lied. I could only be talking about one thing and to one person. It wasn't a dream. The beast wants her soul.
"Hey what time is it, I am starving?" I sat up and kicked free of the covers.
"It is 5 in the morning."
"Wow, I never wake up this early must have been that creepy feeling of being watched." I joked and gave Samuel a bratty smile.
He pushed forward from his chair and I fell backward as he pinned me against the bed. "I was just waiting for you to wake up so I can do what I have been needing to do all night."
His lips met mine in a scorching kiss. His hands gripped my waist and yanked them up against him until we were hips to hips. Oh my god. I felt him hard against my body. His need pressed firmly against me. He moaned into our kiss. Holy hell. I squirmed anxiously against him.
"Shaina do not do that." His words whispered in my mouth.
He rolled onto his back pulling me with him until I straddled him. I sat up and tugged my shirt over my head then greedily returned to his lips. His hands slowly dragged over my thighs from my waist to the
button of my jeans and undid them. I arched up and help slide them off
with well-timed wiggles.
Samuel's breathing grew heavier. "I need you."

Team Echo (okay not really)

Echo sneezed, and I raised a brow. He sneezed again.
"Are you allergic to cuteness?" I popped a hand on my hip, cocking my head in disapproval. "You are dead, how is that even possible?"
He sighed. "I am not dead, for one. Do you even listen when I speak?"
"What kind of monster are you to be allergic to a kitten? You are supposed to be better post mortem or what are the perks?" The fact that I was appalled was evident in my tone.
I waved off Echo's annoyed glare as I took Scythe from Echo. "Do you see his tiny face? I'm in love."
"Shaina put the cat away--"
"Kitten. You can tell 'cause he's so wittle-bitty!"
"Okay. Put the kitten away, please."
"Dude, away? He is a living thing. You don't put them away like a stuffed animal." I continued to nuzzle Scythe's kitten face as he squirmed.
"Shaina put the damn animal down!" His lips set in a hard line, the way they always did when he disapproved of my antics.
"Alright! Jeez. Relax. You seriously lack a heart! Are you sure you aren't dead?" I put the kitten in my oversized beach tote and told him to stay there. We all know cats are known for their perfect listening skills. Luckily, he curled into a ball and snuggled in. Maybe my cat did have mad listening skills. Yay.

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New Release Wednesday: This Side of Salvation by Jeri Smith Ready

This Side of Salvation


Everyone mourns differently. When his older brother was killed, David got angry. As in, fist-meets-someone-else’s-face furious. But his parents? They got religious. David’s still figuring out his relationship with a higher power, but there’s one thing he does know for sure:  The closer he gets to new-girl Bailey, the better, brighter, happier, more he feels.

Then his parents start cutting all their worldly ties in to prepare for the Rush, the divine moment when the faithful will be whisked off to Heaven…and they want David to do the same. David’s torn. There’s a big difference between living in the moment and giving up his best friend, varsity baseball, and Bailey—especially Bailey—in hope of salvation.

But when he comes home late from prom, and late for the Rush, to find that his parents have vanished, David is in more trouble than he ever could have imagined… 


What Others Are Saying:

“THIS SIDE OF SALVATION is impossible to pigeonhole. It’s a mystery, a love story, a tale of friendship, of prejudice, and of a family overcoming tragedy…Jeri Smith-Ready has her finger on the pulse of American youth.” — Printz Honor winner and NYT Bestseller Elizabeth Wein “This is a frighteningly realistic story that delicately handles the issues of religion and family—an emotional mystery sure to be popular and perfect for discussion.” — VOYA, **Highlighted (Starred) Review** “[A] smart, well-rounded, and unpredictable tale...bringing to light issues of belief versus free will, spirit versus body, and family versus self—while never being heavy-handed.” Booklist, **Starred Review** “This book has some of the best written, strongest, and most satisfying character dynamics that I have read in a long time...There are no extreme moral rights and wrongs in this book. These people just are, and they work, and they make this story beautiful.” — Bibliopunkk

Giveaways Galore!

Jeri has two ongoing giveaways to celebrate the release of This Side of Salvation. Join the Rush swag fest: free EXCLUSIVE swag for everyone who orders TSOS on or before Monday, April 7. Superfan contest (March 31 – April 9): share the TSOS characters’ “trading cards”  on your social networks to earn points. Biggest Superfan wins the grand prize, but there’s a chance to win a book and a gift card every day you play! Here's the first day's card, featuring the main character, David Cooper:

Cat blogging meets book birthday!

Meet Misha and Twinkle, the real-life inspiration for the cats of This Side of Salvation, on PulseIt, the official site of Jeri's publisher, Simon Pulse.

Order the hardcover:

Order the ebook:

Find Jeri

Visit Jeri's website, or follow her on one of these sites:

CatholicKittie is back with a Cover Whore edition!

As some of yall know last year I became a multi-published author so I have been swamped. This blog, in result been pushed to the back burner. Well, not any longer. I am back and I think I figured out how to keep up with The Litterbox. SO I am BAAACK. I won't just be doing reviews either but fun stuff.

Briarcliff Township may look like any other picturesque town snuggled into the lush forests of the New England coastline but it harbors a dark secret. When the winds change old stirrings arise from long kept secrets, forgotten misdeeds and a thirst for vengeance arises.

Lust. Anger. Hate. Desire. Love. Happiness. Joy. iFeel. 

What happens when an unknowing empath meets a pixie who wears leather, a snitch who is repulsive and a fiery angel who can literally set your soul on fire? A whole lot of emotional turmoil and one love story ignited. 

Liv Christianni is isolated, alone, tortured and withdrawn, saddled with the torrential downpour of the world’s emotions. Accepting of her providence Liv has lost all hope, until one day fate steps in and spins the course of her life like a spiraling top. Hunted by a Spirit Stalker, Liv is forced to gain control of herself and her surroundings, threatened by the touch of her immortal love; she must find a way to survive both physically and emotionally. Can she find the courage to accept her true self? Can she love unconditionally cognizant of the condemning consequences? Can she rise from the ashes to become the person she was always meant to be? 

Funny, witty, real, and poignant, iFeel rips into your soul, and sets your emotions on fire. 

She has nothing left to lose...

When Breena stumbles into the enchanted borderland of Cake, she is given the choice to return to her world or face the unknown. Unable to bear returning to her empty life, she embraces the challenge, much to the annoyance of the handsome, brooding Rune.

He wants redemption...

Long ago, Rune failed in his duty to guard the Queen Likely and vowed never again to let desire rule him. Then he meets Breena, the last Likely, and least likely, to succeed. Sworn to protect her from the killer who seeks to destroy Cake, Rune is forced to face his awakening desire for the one woman he can never have.

Together, they embark on a magical journey to save Cake and while Rune abandons his heart, Breena discovers that she has everything to lose.

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Review: The Red Wife by Tyffani Clark Kemp

Title- The Red Wife Series- The Without Rules Series # 2 By- Tyffani Clark Kemp Publication Date- February 6, 2014 Blurb-  Mariss Red is wholly devoted to her husband, Holden. Despite her fling with Sebastian Boaa few months ago, her husband has her heart. But Holden knows about Mariss' little indiscretion. Now, the three of them have a whole new set of rules. Their sex life isn't the only thing making waves. Things are further complicated by the return of people Mariss hoped were gone from her life for good. When dark secrets from Mariss' past surface, it puts everyone in her life in danger. The loss of the one thing that means more to her than life itself turns Mariss' life upside down in a way she never thought possible.  As The Red Wife struggles to put her life back together with pieces from a different puzzle, she must decide which picture she wants to paint.
Review: I love book one so mucb and this was no different. SEBASTIAN was hotter than ever while RED was htm>l>
Cover Whore:

<<...>> Links- Goodreads-  Kindle-  About the Author- Tyffani Clark Kemp has been writing since she discovered in the sixth grade that it wasn’t enough just to read about fantastic places, but she could create her own. She weaves small bits of herself into everything she writes whether it be a science fiction piece about aliens or a dramatic romance fraught with conflict and love. She lives in South Carolina with her family and her fluffy shii tzu-mix dog who thinks he’s a Saint Bernard. Links- Goodreads-  Blog/Website-  Facebook-  Twitter-  Pinterest-  Rafflecopter Code- a Rafflecopter giveaway Trailer- 

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